Bridge and Tunnel Season 2: Plot details, release date and more

Bridge and Tunnel Episode 3 - Photo Courtesy of Myles Aronowitz/Epix
Bridge and Tunnel Episode 3 - Photo Courtesy of Myles Aronowitz/Epix /

Bridge and Tunnel wrapped its first season tonight on EPIX, and we’re already eager to see what comes next for the gang! While EPIX has not officially given the green light to Bridge and Tunnel Season 2, there are some things we can figure out right now, post-finale.

Caution: The following article contains some spoilers for Bridge and Tunnel Season 1, Episode 6, a.k.a. the Season 1 finale.

In the finale episode, Jimmy and Jill face some difficult decisions about their future together. At one point, Jimmy even considers giving up his dream job in Alaska just so he can stay in Long Island with Jill. Meanwhile, Pags comes clean with Julianna about not getting into Columbia and decides to help manage his sister’s band. Mikey and Tammy also officially start their new relationship after getting Stacey’s blessing.

That means that Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 will likely follow-up on Jimmy and Jill once he returns from Alaska. Will Jill have moved on? Or will she be waiting for him like Jimmy hopes so they can start again as a serious couple, potentially with marriage down the line? I’m guessing Season 2 will also follow the ups and downs of Tammy and Mikey’s fledgling relationship, potentially with more involvement from Stacey if the show decides to really pursue the love triangle.

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When will Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 premiere on EPIX?

Right now, it’s too early to tell if EPIX will renew Bridge and Tunnel. Unfortunately, the series hasn’t seemed to make a big splash on audiences as it doesn’t seem to have picked up a lot of steam on social media and has mostly flown under the radar.

However, I would imagine that the series is not very expensive to produce, especially if EPIX maintains truncated seasons, although I believe in the case of the first season, that was primarily because the show was affected by COVID-19.

If EPIX does renew the Long Island-based series, then I would assume it will premiere around the same time next year. That said, it would be nice if the show could expand its location a little, maybe show more of the city next time. I know they were limited for Season 1 because of the pandemic, and the intimate scenes lent itself well to the grounded nature of the show, but another season means room for growth!

I also think Bridge and Tunnel would make for a great summer series, so I wonder if EPIX might consider holding it until summer 2022 should it return.

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