Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Song and Dance

Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Men in Kilts -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Men in Kilts is truly such a fun and unexpected treat, and words can’t express how happy I am that Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish decided to do this series. This week’s episode takes us through Scotland as Sam and Graham participate in the country’s song and dance.

It’s a surefire guarantee that any Outlander fans will absolutely love this week’s episode of Men in KIlts simply because it puts Sam back into a kilt. And there’s nothing Outlander fans love more than that!

Throughout the episode, we get a first-hand look at what makes Scotland’s song and dance so special. Of course, bagpipes are naturally a part of the episode as is a glimpse at Highland parties and gatherings that pride themselves on the amazing music and dance.

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3: Sing me a song…

Sam and Heughan’s first stop (after that amazing opening of Graham singing the Outlander theme song to Sam) is Glencoe. They’re joined there by a Gaelic singer/storyteller by the name of Gillebride MacMillan, who was in the very first season of Outlander. 

While having some delicious breakfast at a campsite, the three men talk about the language of Gaelic, a language that lives on more so in the stories that are told and the songs that are sung. Their conversation leads into a beautiful song which I simply couldn’t get enough of! While both Sam and Graham would beg to differ, I think they did a wonderful job singing!

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3: A history lesson on bagpipes

The next stop is Doune Castle, which just so happened to be a filming location for Outlander where they did all their Castle Leoch scenes back in the early seasons. Sam and Graham met up with a bagpiper at the castle and got a history lesson on how embedded the bagpipe is in Scottish culture.

They learn that the instrument was initially used as a tool of intimidation and fear towards the enemy. In times of war, the pipers would be playing the bagpipe right before they would head into battle. Imagine that!

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3: Let’s go sword dancing!

The next stop on this week’s tour of song and dance is–sword dancing. And yes, it’s as adorable as one would imagine. A Highland dancer, Cerys Jones, has the honor of teaching Sam and Graham the ways of sword dancing, which isn’t a complete success but I’ll give them an A for effort.

The best part is they managed to mess up a simple combination of dance steps, but they looked hilariously cute trying to do it anyway.

Men in Kilts Season 1, Episode 3: It’s off to a ceilidh!

The last couple of stops on Graham and Sam’s tour this week were hanging out with Glencorse Pipe Band and attending a ceilidh. While with the Pipe Band, Graham and Sam take it upon themselves to join them and march along in hilarious fashion–until they realize they’re not exactly wanted there.

They head off to Borthwick Castle next where they will be attending a ceilidh–a dance party of sorts. Before starting the main event, Sam and Heughan get some dancing lessons which they do remarkably well in over anything else they tried this episode.

After a few lessons, the band starts the music up and the men begin their song and dance and have a jolly good time with it at that. But with everything they do in this episode, it’s only fitting that the episode ends with the two of them exhausted, drinking some whiskey to bring everything to a close.

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