5 shows like The Luminaries to add to your watchlist

Photo: Anne Bonny (Clara Paget)/Black Sails.. Courtesy Starz
Photo: Anne Bonny (Clara Paget)/Black Sails.. Courtesy Starz /
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shows like The Luminaries
The Alienist: Angel of Darkness – Courtesy of WarnerMedia/Marc Holm /

4. Shows like The Luminaries: The Alienist

The Alienist is another period drama revolving around a core mystery and based on a novel. The two-season series is based on Caleb Carr’s book of the same name and the follow-up novel Angel of Darkness. It starred Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning as a makeshift team of characters who assemble in mid-1890s New York to investigate a serial killer. While The Alienist is a fictional story, it does incorporate real-life figures like Theodore Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan.

The Alienist is streaming on HBO Max.

3. Shows like The Luminaries: Dublin Murders

Dublin Murders is more of a conventional crime thriller than The Luminaries, although it does alternate between time periods. Based on the popular Dublin Murder Squad books by Tana French, Dublin Murders is an eerie, slow-burn drama that aired on Starz.

If you’ve read French’s novels, then you’ll recognize elements from the first two books of the series in the first season, Into the Woods and The Likeness. It actually bears a likeness to Starz’s newest series, The Gloaming, as the story revolves around two investigators dispatched to investigate the murder of a young girl that ties back to a dark, unsolved case from their youth.

Dublin Murders is streaming on Starz.