The Luminaries Season 1 ending explained: Do Anna and Emery end up together?

The Luminaries Episode 5 - Courtesy of Starz
The Luminaries Episode 5 - Courtesy of Starz /

The Luminaries ending is now available to stream on Starz. The sixth and final episode of the mystery drama’s first season went live at midnight this morning and will also air tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST / 6:30 p.m. PST if you prefer to watch traditionally.

So, how did it all end? Was Anna found guilty of Crosbie’s murder? Did Lydia and Francis get caught? Do Emery and Anna get to live happily ever after?

The Luminaries Season 1, Episode 6 contained a few last-minute surprises, including a significant reveal concerning the relationship between Crosbie Wells and Alistair Lauderback. Someone leaves a stack of letters in Anna’s jail cell. They’re all addressed to Alistair from Crosbie. We find out that Crosbie and Alistair were brothers. Crosbie was the bastard son of Alistair’s dad. The two never met, but Crosbie wrote him regularly about everything in his life.

When Alistair sees Anna in possession of the letters, he’s quite shaken up, but they prove to be a valuable lynchpin in the case. Alistair and Crosbie never met in person, which gives them evidence that Francis Carver could impersonate Crosbie with ease to blackmail Alistair for the Godspeed. All of this comes out at the trial.

The Luminaries ending: Is Anna found guilty of Crosbie’s murder?

No, Anna is officially declared not guilty. With Te Rau’s help, they find Emery. He and Anna do more of that mystical soul-switching to heal each other and once Emery is back on his feet he’s competent enough to stand trial.

He confesses the entire story from beginning to end, with a few minor tweaks, revealing the scheming he and Francis did and how they used Crosbie’s gold in the Aurora tailing pipe. Ultimately, Emery implicates himself in several crimes to prove Anna’s innocence.

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The Luminaries ending: What happens to Francis & Lydia?

Francis is found guilty of Crosbie’s murder and taken away in a prison car. Te Rau stows away inside, although it’s also hinted that he might be a ghostly figure of some sort? I wasn’t entirely clear what the deal was with his character but Francis seemed adamant that he should have been dead after being shot the night of Crosbie’s death.

Regardless, Te Rau murders Francis in the prison transport vehicle, Francis never makes it to the gallows. He takes the fall for the entire thing, claiming Lydia had nothing to do with it. Lydia is left alone and devastated, having lost Francis. In the final moments of the episode, Anna seeks her out to tell her that on that day when they first met, all Lydia had to do was ask. She didn’t need to steal her purse. Anna enjoyed her time as Lydia’s apprentice and would have happily stayed.

Then Anna gives Lydia the last of Crosbie’s gold. It’s understandable why she doesn’t want what she feels is tainted. Lydia is shocked that Anna would offer her any kindness. What will Lydia do next? I don’t know, but she’s like a cat. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet again somewhere.

The Luminaries ending: Do Anna and Emery end up together?

Do our astral twins end up together? Yes, they do. While Emery is sentenced to a year in prison for his participation in several serious crimes, the judge believes he could be out in as little as nine months on good behavior. Anna and Emery have a romantic, emotional goodbye scene where they promise to wait for each other. In the meantime, Anna seems to be doing okay on her own. The last we see of her, she’s finally panning for her own gold in the river.

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The Luminaries is now streaming in full on Starz.