Is there a new episode of The Luminaries on tonight, March 28?

The Luminaries Episode 5 - Courtesy of Starz
The Luminaries Episode 5 - Courtesy of Starz /

The Luminaries took a brief break last week between the penultimate episode and the finale. Is it back and new tonight, March 28? Here’s what we know!

Yes, The Luminaries will be airing tonight in its usual 9:30 p.m. EST timeslot! Tonight is a big night for the series based on Eleanor Catton’s book of the same name, as it’s the season (and possible series) finale of the show.

Titled “The Old Moon in the Young Moon’s Arms,” The Luminaries Season 1, Episode 6 will premiere after a new episode of The Gloaming and Men in Kilts.

When we last left off with the series, everything seemed to hang in the balance as Anna was arrested for Crosbie’s murder. We found out that her gunshot left Emery mortally wounded and the 12 men representative of the Zodiac finally came together to connect the dots of that mysterious night when Crosbie died and to understand the mystical connection between Emery and Anna.

Speaking of the astral twins, they finally got to spend some actual time together as they started to understand their connection, albeit this was before everything happened with Crosbie.

What’s happening in The Luminaries Season 1 finale?

In the finale episode of the season, Anna will be tried for murder, although new evidence will arise that could clear her name as a surprising connection is discovered between Crosbie and Lauderback.

As you’ll notice from the new clip shared by Starz above, it looks like Lydia will be back to her old schemes as she unites all 12 men representing different parts of the Zodiac for another one of her mysterious ceremonies. In the clip, she asks the men to hold hands around her as she puts herself into a trance. It’s not yet clear what Lydia is hoping to find, or what her ulterior motives are, for this particular ceremony.

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Don’t miss out on the Season 1 finale of The Luminaries. Don’t forget you can watch the episode immediately via the Starz app, but if you prefer to wait until the linear airing, then you’ll need the following details to tune in:

Date: Sunday, March 28
Start Time: 9:30/8:30c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 6, “The Old Moon in the Young Moon’s Arms,”
TV Channel: Starz
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