Matching Gilmore Girls characters with college majors

GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix
GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix /

It’s Spring Break at FanSided and that means celebrating fun events like College Day, Spring Fling and much more. For the first article this week we’re matching up your favorite Gilmore Girls characters with their ideal college majors.

While watching Gilmore Girls, we all know the main focus of the series was Rory Gilmore, her journalism dreams and her eventual journey to Yale. We also know what other characters like Paris Gellar and Logan Huntzberger studied at school, so I skipped them.

But what about the many other characters in the show? What would Sookie have studied? Or even Lorelai?

Read on to check out our list of Gilmore Girls characters matched to their ideal college majors!

Gilmore Girls characters as college majors

Lorelai Gilmore – Hospitality

Lorelai was the best event planner you could ask for in the series and an excellent manager. She had the hospitality field down to a science. Whether she was planning the Bracebridge Dinner or wedding ceremonies, you could always count on Lorelai to come through with something tasteful. That was part of her daily life working at the inn, both the Independence Inn and the inn she eventually opened with Sookie, the Dragonfly.

Sookie St. James – Culinary Arts

This is an obvious one, but what else would Sookie have studied in college but the culinary arts! She’s the best chef in the series (maybe the world) bar none. Given her extreme skill, it’s likely she did take some classes and appears to be hinted at a few times in the series, although it’s not clear if she ever actually went and got her degree. She definitely would have passed with flying colors –– and maybe started a few fires along the way.

Jess Mariano – Literature

Jess took a lot of detours growing up, but he eventually found his way and wrote his own book! Fans rejoiced when they go to see a mature Jess in the later seasons and in A Year in the Life. He embraced his creative side and margin notes to finally become the man we always knew he could be.

Kirk Gleason – Theatre

Kirk seems to have dabbled in every single career field known to man, with tons of different jobs throughout the series. So what could be better than Kirk majoring in theatre? He slips into a myriad of roles seamlessly, and he even dabbled in performance arts a few times throughout the show (like his iconic “Film by Kirk” moment).

Gilmore Girls
Kelly Bishop in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Netflix /

Emily Gilmore – Psychology

It’s very briefly mentioned that Emily actually went to college and got a degree in history, but given her excellent manipulation tactics, I think psychology would have been a more fitting field of study for her. Emily was excellent at getting people to do what she wanted by pressing the right buttons and entering verbal warfare, or just supplying an icy stare.

Lane Kim – Music Theory

I will forever be bitter about how Lane’s storyline ended on Gilmore Girls. She deserved a better ending. Lane would have flourished had she gotten the opportunity to go to a university and study music theory. Look at how fast she picked up playing the drums!

Luke Danes – Engineering

Luke doesn’t get enough credit for all that he does throughout the show. Not only does he run his own diner and cook most of the meals, but he regularly helps out with handymen tasks throughout the town. Whether he needs to rush to Lorelai’s side to fix a window in her house or repair his boat, Luke is the go-to guy when you need help with something.

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What do you think about our Gilmore Girl major match-ups? What other characters would you choose to pair with a college major? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!