The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Freddy puts Lily in grave danger

Ewen Leslie, Emma Booth in The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 3 - Courtesy of Bradley Patrick / Starz
Ewen Leslie, Emma Booth in The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 3 - Courtesy of Bradley Patrick / Starz /

The tangled web of murders gets more twisted in The Gloaming Episode 3 as it starts to seem like there are disturbing connections between Dorothy’s murder and Daisy’s supposed suicide. Both women have identical wrist fractures potentially hinting that they were tortured in the same way before they died.

Molly also points out the chalk symbol she found written on the wall in her shed near Daisy’s body. She noticed that the chalk is the same that they use at her local fish and chips shop, further linking the deaths back to Freddie Hopkins.

Instead of getting on a flight back to the mainland, Alex sticks around to stay on the case and help Molly bring Freddie in for questioning. He’s as crude and unhelpful as you would expect, goading Molly into attacking him by making lewd comments about Lily. In short, they don’t get anywhere with the interview process except Freddie’s shirt, which sports bloodstains. He claims it’s fish blood from working at the wharf but Molly demands he leave it with them for testing regardless.

Furious at Molly for humiliating him and forcing him into police questioning, Freddie sets out on a mission for revenge by targeting her daughter, Lily. He uses footage of her camgirl persona to humiliate her at school by releasing it on the internet. Then he conveniently shows at the end of the school day to hang out and take her mind off of things.

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Molly is pissed when she sees Freddie hanging out at her house with her daughter, and who can blame her? But it causes friction between herself and Lily, who, of course, only sees Freddie as a cute older guy showing interest in her. She hasn’t seen his dark side yet.

After kicking Freddie out of her house, Molly tries to encourage Lily to enjoy a bonding night with her over pizza and a movie. Unfortunately, their night gets cut short when Molly is called in to investigate another murder with potential ties to the Moxley case.

A man washes up ashore at Freddie’s workplace, having been strangled and dumped in the water to drown. The only witness they have recognized a red truck going by the night before, which Molly immediately connects to Freddie’s ute.

They track Freddie to his house. He’s not there and his mother can’t get in touch with them. But she does give the detectives permission to search Freddie’s room. Inside, they find Jenny’s long-lost backpack. It’s pretty damning evidence, to say the least, linking Freddie back to a murder that happened decades ago.

As for where Freddie was when all this was happening? After Molly kicked him out, he hung around for a while, waiting for an opportunity to go back and get Lily. When opportunity struck, Freddie swept in and asked Lily to accompany him to a party. In actuality, Freddie takes Lily to the Gordon Dam and threatens her life. He also reveals that it was him who had been paying her via her camming site and that he shared the video with the world.

In the final moments of the episode, Freddie is close to shoving Lily over the side of the dam while claiming he’s doing it to teach her mother a lesson. As for Molly, when she returns home, all she finds is a note from Lily saying she’d returned to her father’s for the night. Molly is obviously disappointed, but has no immediate reason to suspect anything has gone awry, especially because Freddie smartly disposes of Lily’s cell on the way! Let’s just hope that she can somehow escape him before things go horribly wrong.

The Gloaming Episode 3 recap: Gareth scores a significant development deal

I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure what’s going on with Gareth or Grace. The Gloaming Episode 3 is primarily focused on the mystery between Dorothy and Jenny right now, but we have loose threads with Gareth and the weird supernatural elements that desperately need explaining. We’re three episodes in and it’s still very up in the air.

But I digress. In this episode, Gareth’s “girl,” real estate developer Jacinta, completes the deal that will put a move on the development she and Gareth are working to build. He’s ecstatic. However, Gareth also finds a mysterious figurine in public that means something to him.

What it means, I don’t know, it’s not explained. But it unsettles him enough to bribe a local security guard for the footage so he can figure out who left it there. When he watches the tapes back, he sees a woman in a black hoodie and sunglasses leave the figurine behind.

The Gloaming Episode 3 recap: Someone is stalking Eileen McGinty

Alex returns to Eileen’s house alone to tell her the truth about his theories regarding Jenny’s case. Eileen was always told that her daughter’s death was the result of a robbery gone wrong. Alex points out that if that were true, it wouldn’t make sense why the killer didn’t take the fancy watch he was wearing at the time. He also wants to know if Eileen has any idea of what might have happened to Jenny’s missing backpack since it could be crucial to the case. She reveals that, for a long time, she believed Alex was the prime suspect.

Later, when Eileen is alone again, she starts to see ominous shadows throughout her home. You get the feeling that something is watching her or stalking her. She even finds a dead bird all trussed up and left behind like an omen. It goes with some of the other creepy discoveries found in the episode as the detectives also discover mummified cats and cult symbols inscribed in Dorothy’s house.

Someone also sends Alex the video of Lily and he tries to find time to talk to Molly about it but doesn’t get the chance. I have a feeling that’s not going to go over well when the truth comes out!

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