When does The Walking Dead Season 11 premiere on AMC?

We’ve finally got a release date for The Walking Dead Season 11 and an official teaser trailer! Now that Season 10C has concluded with six additional episodes, fans can mark their calendars for the beginning of the final season.

The final season will begin on August 22, 2021, with eight episodes. But what does the final season entail?

Most fans have already speculated that the final season will introduce The Commonwealth. In the comics, The Commonwealth has an army and consists of several communities.

Fans have assumed that the armed soldiers Eugene and the gang faced in Season 10 Episode 16 and Season 10 Episode 20 are from The Commonwealth but it hasn’t been verified just yet.

The Walking Dead Season 11 release date has been released as has the official teaser trailer.

Throughout Season 10C, AMC aired several promos for Season 11. They were subtle shots of some random things that our main characters have not seen since the apocalypse started.

Things like ice cream and what appears to be a legitimate courtroom. Even though these sound like harmless things to show, there was no context.

This made the promos feel eerie and unsettling. When the 30-second teaser trailer aired, fans got a little more insight by listening to two men converse.

One asked questions, the other answered. Both spoke in very direct tones.

“Why are you here?” “I was on the road with my traveling companions.”

“Do you consider yourself a fundamentally honest person?” “Yes.”

The man answering the questions sounds a lot like Eugene doesn’t it? Of course, two people having this sort of conversation is nothing new.

Rick and his group went through a similar process when they first arrived at Alexandria. During the official teaser trailer, several images transition one after the other leaving many to believe that what we are seeing is The Commonwealth.

Or rather the kind of place The Commonwealth is. But will there be more to The Commonwealth than what is being shown?

Is it all smoke and mirrors? And most importantly how closely will the show’s version of The Commonwealth match with the original source material?

What do you think will happen during the final season of The Walking Dead? Comment your answers below!