The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 4 recap: Black Winged Angels

Rena Owen in The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 4 - Courtesy of Bradley Patrick / Starz
Rena Owen in The Gloaming Season 1, Episode 4 - Courtesy of Bradley Patrick / Starz /

The Gloaming Episode 4 opens with Grace discovering a strange cellphone video of Freddie, and it seems to motivate her decisions throughout the remainder of the episode.

Then we go to the dam where Freddie has taken Lily. Lily is helpless and terrified as she watches Freddie yell at those cloaked figures, or ghosts, that no one else can see. He tells them that he’s doing things his way now, which apparently means holding Lily hostage.

At the station, Alex and Emma interview Freddie’s mother, Shelly Hopkins (Airlie Dodds). Shelly tells them how Freddie changed after the accident. When Freddie was younger, he and his dad were on their way to a lake for a fishing trip when their car ran off the road. Freddie was declared dead for seven minutes.

According to Shelly, her son was never the same after that, and that’s why she knew something was wrong the second she saw the news and found the barbed wire at their house. Shelly tried to hide it from the police, and they still don’t have hard evidence linking Freddie to “Dorothy’s” crime scene. Molly believes Shelly is still hiding things to protect her son, but Shelly insists she has no idea where Jenny’s backpack came from because she’d never seen it before.

Moments later, Grace and Alex are shown CCTV footage showing Freddie has taken Lily. Molly realizes that he’s taking Lily to the Gordon Dam because she recalls seeing a photograph on his bedroom wall earlier in The Gloaming Episode 4.

Back to Grace, she’s making a creepy doll that suspiciously looks like a voodoo doll. Is it meant to be Freddie?

Elsewhere, Constable Freya continues her investigation into Jacinta Clunes and Gareth. She discovers that the land Gareth is after was formerly agricultural and later rezoned to residential. McAveney Construction put a bid in for that land to create a housing development. That’s why he’s working with Jacinta.

The Gloaming Episode 4 recap: Molly races to save her daughter

Regarding Freddie kidnapping Lily, Molly theorizes that Freddie is using Lily as revenge because he blames Molly for Daisy’s death. Molly admits that Dasiy called her the night she died. She wonders if she had answered it if Daisy would still be alive.

Jacinta contacts Gareth to warn him that Molly is looking into them. She’s clearly getting spooked by the cops poking around in their business.

At the dam, things take an intense turn for the worse as Freddie starts talking about things being “an eye for an eye.” He forces Alex to show Molly the video he sent of Lily camming. And then, just before Freddie can throw Lily over the side, he falls instead. Coincidentally, Freddie’s descent happens at the exact moment that Grace drops her doll into a bucket of water. I’m guessing Grace decided to punish Freddie for taking things into his own hands.

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Somehow, Freddie manages to survive, although he falls into a coma. Lily tells Alex that he had a message to give him before he fell.

The investigation into “Dorothy Moxley” shows that she might have been money laundering for the Star of the Forest Church (the one Grace is part of). And speaking of Grace, she appears at the hospital to watch Freddie as he sleeps in his bed.

While searching through Freddie’s car, the cops find a diary full of weird stuff. Supposedly the diary belonged to a dead kid, and it details hatred for a teacher. The diary is yet another possession belonging to a dead kid from Hillcrest. It would appear Hillcrest is connected to the church since many of the churchgoers attended the school –– like a family tradition.

Molly pushes Alex to tell her more about Gareth’s time at school. Apparently, Gareth showed up out of the blue around the same time a multimillion-dollar donation was made, and he knew the deputy principal. Molly thinks that’s a strange coincidence, while Alex thinks her obsession with Gareth is clouding her judgment.

The Gloaming Episode 4 recap: Gareth snaps and attacks Jacinta

Jacinta and Gareth meet across town at a restaurant. Jacinta tells him she’s worried, but Gareth tries to smooth things over, assuring her that Molly is merely bluffing and that she has a personal vendetta against him. Gareth has already sunk millions into pushing his company forward, so if Jacinta gets cold feet about accepting his proposal, he stands to lose a lot.

But the suspicious timing of the purchase and rezoning effort is enough to make Jacinta worried. She apologizes to Gareth and tells him she’s out. If they’re committing something fraudulent (and I admit I’m a little confused on what’s happening here), then she could go to jail. She rushes out of the restaurant, and Gareth chases her into the parking lot to try and convince her to change her mind.

Jacinta refuses, and, well, that’s obviously not what Gareth wants to hear, and he snaps. Seriously, Martin Henderson is good at playing scary! Gareth turns violent in a split second, reaching out to grip Jacinta around the throat and choke her out against her car. He finally comes to and realizes what he’s doing is crazy. But that’s it for Jacinta. She’s done with Gareth. She quickly gets into her car and flees the scene, and Gareth is right behind her in his red sports car.

We return to Molly and Lily, who are chatting about the videos in the aftermath of the whole Freddie debacle. Molly promises that she won’t tell Lily’s father about the videos so long as she agrees to attend counseling with her. Molly also promises to take some time off work after this case is over to spend more time with her daughter.

But Toby, Lily’s dad, is pissed about what happened and turns up to threaten Molly. He tells her he now plans on getting a court order to get full custody of Lily. Molly is left devastated.

In the final moments of The Gloaming Episode 4, Gareth hounds Jacinta down the roads until she crashes after seeing something weird in the street. Gareth rushes to her side, but instead of helping her as she lays bleeding on the road, Gareth lets her die first –– and only then does he call for help.

Jenny’s sister, Stephanie, takes her baby to Grace’s house, and Grace says she’s been waiting for her.

At home, Molly discovers some weird red paint on the top of her mirror. She flips it over and finds a big creepy symbol drawn on the back in red lipstick.

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