For All Mankind Season 3: Plot, release date, & more

Jodi Balfour in season two of​ “For All Mankind,” premiering globally February 19, 2021 on Apple TV+
Jodi Balfour in season two of​ “For All Mankind,” premiering globally February 19, 2021 on Apple TV+ /

For All Mankind just wrapped its second season with a traumatic ending that saw the heroic sacrifice of two astronauts. Fans are already eager to find out more about For All Mankind Season 3. Thankfully, Apple TV+ has already given another season a green light, so it’s just a matter of when the next season will premiere and what it might be about this time around.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the For All Mankind Season 2 finale.

One thing we know for certain is that Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones won’t be returning for another season of the show. Sadly, their characters Gordo and Tracy Stevens sacrificed themselves to save the others in the finale.

During a recent conversation with Inverse, the show’s executive producer Ronald D. Moore says he has envisioned a “seven-year arc” for the series with each season jumping ahead by about ten years or so. That means the show will eventually catch up to modern times with the potential to head even further into the future.

“Each season would go roughly 10 years into the future. So you catch up to the modern-day and go a little bit into the future. Or you can decide that the show is going gangbusters and you go past the endpoint. Everything is still on the table,” says Moore.

Moving ahead into the third season, it looks like the series is going to be tackling an alternate version of the 1990s, complete with the first official Mars landing.

Moore also teased the arrival of many new characters moving into the third season.

"There’s definitely an influx of new characters and you’re going to see a fair number of people from this season mixed with the new characters coming in. This will be part of the structure of the show that we’re just really starting to grapple with for the first time.It’s a unique structure because it’s a generational tale and characters are going to have to kind of cycle in and cycle out. There is a fair number of brand-new characters as well as existing ones. Some will die and some will just sort of leave the story. And we have to start making those decisions now."

When will For All Mankind Season 3 premiere?

If everything stays on track, then I’m assuming we’ll see the new season in early 2022, but it could get pushed back to later in the year or 2023. There was over a year gap in between the show’s first two seasons and while most of that can be contributed to the pandemic, it could also have been due to the sheer production value of the show. Some series just take longer to make. It’s hard to tell right now because the pandemic disrupted so much but hopefully, the next season will be here sooner rather than later!

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