Top 5 Moments from The Walking Dead Season 10C

Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC /
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The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Hilarie Burton as Lucille- The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 22-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead Season 10C left fans with these five moments worth talking about!

Season 10C of The Walking Dead left fans feeling a plethora of emotions taking place over the course of six additional episodes. Within those six episodes were several moments that shook us to our core or broke our hearts.

The following 5 moments are just some that we’ll still be thinking about until Season 11 airs in August. From Maggie’s return to Dog’s origin story, let’s begin.

Before going forward, spoilers ahead for those who have not caught up with the show.

The Walking Dead Top Moment: Negan and Lucille’s Closure

Negan’s most recognizable symbol is the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he named Lucille. He graced The Walking Dead with his signature smile and weapon of choice.

This bond with his bat seemed unbreakable and now fans understand why. Negan had named the bat after his dead wife.

“Here’s Negan” provided a brief backstory of how he came into possession of that bat but more importantly his relationship with Lucille. Negan takes the time to reminisce their marriage leading up to the apocalypse, as he was far from a responsible, devoted husband at a certain point.

But once Lucille receives the crushing cancer diagnosis he turns around and becomes the man he once was. While he is risking his life providing Lucille with the cancer treatments she needs they find closure in discussing his cheating ways and how she had forgiven him long ago.

Negan is finally reunited with his bat after being separated since his defeat at the hands of Rick. The reunion is short-lived as a blow to a walker utterly destroys it.

Negan takes one last look and experiences one last moment with Lucille before tossing the bat into the roaring fire. As he burned his home down with walker Lucille inside, he too has burned the past away once again.

Negan needed closure with his wife as she was dying and the baseball bat upon its destruction in order to return to Alexandria on his own free will to take charge of his life and perhaps start anew.