Manifest Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Graveyard Spiral

MANIFEST -- "Graveyard Spiral" Episode 306 -- Pictured: (l-r) Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Warner Miller as Tarik -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC)
MANIFEST -- "Graveyard Spiral" Episode 306 -- Pictured: (l-r) Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Warner Miller as Tarik -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, Zeke had been knocked to the ground. What does this mean for Michaela and Jace?

Michaela is now face-to-face with Jace. He kicks the gun out of her hand, and a basketball sound starts to ring through his ears. Michaela takes the opportunity to go after him. They struggle. Michaela almost falls off a cliff when Jace hears Cal saying, last chance.

Michaela falls off the cliff, but is she okay. Pete tells Angelina about the “last chance” calling. Ben and Pete are ready to leave.

Zeke gets up to look for Michaela, and there is a car driving straight toward him. It is Jace. Zeke escapes but is now trying to find Michaela.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 6: Will they find Michaela?

Ben and Angelina are on their way to the lake, and they call Vasquez to ask Kory some questions.

Grace and Tarik are talking to the police. Someone had slashed their tires. It comes up that Tarik was advertising his new 828 themed restaurant. Grace wants to get out of town immediately.

Tarik calms her down by saying the meth heads aren’t on their way. They go to another spot to hide out instead.

Michaela opens her eyes but is clearly in a lot of pain. She is calling out for Zeke. Will his new ability help him find her?

Jared goes to the hospital to talk to Kory, and he is gone. Kory has probably gone to the lake.

Zeke ends up finding Michaela. She tells him that Jace is going after Cal.

Jace is listening to a police scanner. He overhears the call about the slashed tires and asks for the location of the incident. He now knows where Cal is.

Zeke and Michaela get back up the rocks. Zeke starts feeling Michaela’s pain, and as they climb, their joint pain sends a shock wave that reaches Ben and Angelina.

MANIFEST — “Graveyard Spiral” Episode 306 — Pictured: Jack Messina as Cal Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC) /

Ben stops the car and sees a ball roll across the street. Only, it wasn’t a real ball. It was a calling.

Tarik, Grace, and Cal get to their hiding spot. Tarik and Grace start going through all of the things they planned in this hiding space as kids.

Olive goes to the college, and the canvas that was laid out has been taken. Two guys had just packed it up and left with it. Who could that be?

In the hideout, Tarik apologizes to Grace for letting the restaurant idea get away from him. He wanted a better relationship with Grace. Grace starts to open up to him.

Zeke and Michaela walk through the woods, and Zeke has to pop Michaela’s shoulder back in. The only problem is that they can both feel it.

Tarik now knows about the callings and is asking Cal about them.

Ben gets to Tarik’s house and starts yelling their names. They all come out of the hiding spot and run to him. He wants to bring them all home. As Ben turns around, gunfire starts going off. The agent gets shot and is down.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 6: Will they all survive?

Pete tells Ben that Jace is on the roof.

Tarik, Cal, and Grace are running through the woods. They think the gunfight might be over. Tarik wants to get his father’s old rifle. Grace and Cal are left to run to the hiding spot.

Pete gets out of the car to confront Jace. Angelina tries to stop him, but she can’t.

Ben gets the agent’s gun and runs after him.

Olive tries to stop the two guys from taking the canvas. She tells them that the canvas has dangerous chemicals on it.

Michaela and Zeke are still going through the woods. They need to split up, and as they decide to, Michaela’s phone rings. It’s Jared.

Near the rifle shed, Jace sneaks up behind Tarik and puts a knife to his throat. Pete runs up and tries to stop him. Jace stabs Tarik.

Cal then tells Grace to leave the hiding spot and go to her brother. A peacock feather appears, and Cal reassures her that she can leave.

Jace then tells Pete that he thinks Cal is the center of it all. Cal has died both times people have come back to life. He might have a point.

Jace runs into the woods to find Cal, and Pete runs after him. They fight. Jace knocks him out and starts hearing Cal’s voice. He can find Cal this way.

Grace finds Tarik, but it is too late. Tarik dies.

Ben also finds Tarik, and Grace comes out of the shed with the hunting rifle. They are ready to protect their family.

Angelina finally emerges from the car.

At the college, Olive actually gets the canvas back. The custodial worker drops off Ben’s briefcase. In it is the missing piece of the canvas. It is not Ben’s briefcase, but it was his stolen ID card.

Olive calls Michaela to tell her about the missing piece. She has to restore the piece, but it is going to take time. Jared shows up, and Michaela and Zeke get in his car.

Jace is listening to Cal’s voice. Cal is in the hiding spot and singing the song when someone comes down the stairs.

It is Kory. He tells Cal to stop singing because it is how Jace can find them.

Angelina runs to Pete and frees him from his handcuffs. Pete then tells her to go back to the car. She wants him to stop trying to save Jace, but we don’t know if he can do it.

Jared, Michaela, and Zeke all show up at Tarik’s house.

Kory tells Cal to get behind him. Another person enters the hideout. It is Ben.

Grace is still on the move. Jace walks right into her line of fire. She fires one shot, but she misses.

This alerts Michaela, Jared, and Zeke, and they all run toward the gunfire.

Ben comes out of the hideout. He tries to stop Grace from killing Jace. Ben wants him to die on his own due to the death date.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 6: Will Kory, Jace, and Pete Survive?

Jace starts to drown to death. Everyone shows up, including Kory and Pete. What will happen to them?

Kory and Pete remain alive while Jace dies.

Michaela, unfortunately, has to bring Pete back in, but she thinks that she can help him out in some way.

Olive begins to clean the missing piece and is instantly freaked out. She calls Michaela and says that they are all going to be judged together.

A cloud of black smoke emerges from Jace and drags Kory and Pete down with him. All three of them are now gone.

What does this mean for the returned? Do they all have to follow the callings to all survive?

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