The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 1 recap: Mirrors

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 1 - Courtesy of Starz / Ed Miller
The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 1 - Courtesy of Starz / Ed Miller /

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 premiere episode opens with Iris chatting in an empty white space in a strange, almost unreal room, Iris is welcomed to the V, as she is beautiful and boasts an impressive educational background in neuropsychology, Iris is accepted to have an initial meeting with a man named Paul, “I’m ready to have a real exchange with the men I sleep with”

Then Iris removes her VR goggles and chats with her friend Tawny (Alexandra Daddario) Iris is curious as to when her friend started “camming in VR” and her friend starts to help her get ready, Iris thanks her for setting her up and giving her something to wear, “An ivy league education has all kinds of benefits,”

We see Iris at school, continuing her studies, Iris leaves behind her half-finished degree after getting headhunted by an elusive tech startup company. In London, Iris is introduced to the group, “Nothing is off-limits as long as you stick two things, human behavior and predictive behavior.”

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 1 recap: Iris makes a radical reboot in London

Iris cuts her hair and dyes it blond before she moves to London and first starts working at the tech startup interviewing some of the newcomers, she talks with one guy about the model of attraction.

In a flashback to her time shortly after leaving her former university, she chatted with her friend while at a bowling alley about her impending move and her friend wondered if she was doing the right thing by leaving school and going to a tech startup, she asks iris to be sure she’s not “selling out.”

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3, Episode 1 recap: Iris meets with her first client

Then we see Iris’s first night out with her first client for the V, Paul, at least that’s what it looks like. It’s filmed mostly from Paul’s perspective without ever showing him in the frame, Paul eventually grips her by the throat as he pushes her against the mirror and has sex with her, but then it’s revealed to be a dream.

In reality, when Iris goes to dinner with the real Paul, he’s been told that he’s her first client, she goes by the name of Cassandra here. She tells him she’s happy that her first time his him, they enjoy a romantic dinner together consisting of seafood and champagne, “I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that delicious.” “That’s the second time I’m your first for something, I’m on a roll.”

Then iris reaches out to touch his hand and suddenly he pulls away, Iris excuses herself to the bathroom and texts Tawny “need advice, he’s all gent what do I do.” Tawny advises her to ask and see his room, “works every time.” Then Iris pulls out her phone to make a recording, “Paul: Session 1.”

After it initially appears like the evening is going to end without anything happening, Iris changes tactics and turns from a sweet waif to a demanding dominant. She taunts Paul and degrades him a little, claiming he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’s suddenly way more interested in again, “I don’t think you’re ready for me, Paul.” “Oh I am so ready for you.” “Alright let’s get that f***ing check.” And together they get in the elevator to go to his room.

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