A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 12 recap: Junior

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS - “junior” – Gary’s dad connects with Darcy about his personal experience from the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, during a dinner hosted by Rome and Regina, the video of George Floyd’s murder is released, and they watch together in shock on a new episode of “A Million Little Things,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Jack Rowand)GRACE PARK
A MILLION LITTLE THINGS - “junior” – Gary’s dad connects with Darcy about his personal experience from the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, during a dinner hosted by Rome and Regina, the video of George Floyd’s murder is released, and they watch together in shock on a new episode of “A Million Little Things,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Jack Rowand)GRACE PARK /

A Million Little Things Season 3 kicks off (and ends) this week’s episode with Katherine (Grace Park) making some drastic changes. First things first, she gives herself a bada** haircut by shaving off the side of her head, which just might have given her the courage to do what she did at the end of the episode. But more on that in a bit.

Eddie (David Giuntoli) returns home from rehab to a not-so-warm welcome from Katherine. However, Theo (Tristan Byon) welcomed him with open arms and enough excitement to last Eddie a lifetime. Of course, Theo’s love means the world to him, but Eddie has some major damage to fix in his marriage. Unfortunately, he has no idea that there is no coming back from the pain this time around.

Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Darcy (Floriana Lima) finally reunite after her time away at the veteran’s retreat. She returns to Gary’s father, Javier (Paul Rodriguez), paying them a visit, much to Gary’s surprise. The reunion goes better thane expected and will likely have you clutching onto your tissue boxes extra tight.

Last but not least, Rome’s (Romany Malco) father, Walter (Lou Beatty Jr.), finds himself in an interesting predicament with the new woman in his life, Florence (Karen Robinson). He’s having difficulty expressing his feelings and taking things further, but with the help of Rome and Regina (Christina Moses), Walter figures it out.

And with that, let’s dive into the recap of this week’s episode of A Million Little Things Season 3!

A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 12: Gary’s father makes us cry

As I mentioned, Gary’s father, Javier, shows up to visit him. But Gary is feeling a bit nervous about him being around because he is “of a time” and has the habit of saying things he shouldn’t say to people.

His main concern lies with Danny (Chance Hurstfield), who is struggling with whether or not to come out to his friends at school. Gary is worried that Javier might say something off-putting to Danny, but he manages to surprise him when the time comes.

Javier stumbles across a pros/cons list that Danny made about coming out to his school friends and realizes Danny is gay. Gary immediately gets uneasy and gets ready to stand in harm’s way, but instead, Javier pulls out a picture from his wallet. Gary mentions that the picture is of Javier’s war friend named Douglas, but as we learn, it’s a picture that Douglas used to carry around.

Javier got a hold of the picture after Douglas died, saving Javier’s life from enemy fire. The picture fell out during the incident, and Javier hung onto it because it was a picture of the man Douglas loved. Javier didn’t want any of Douglas’ family to find out, so he hid his secret from him, but he believes that was a mistake because everyone should have known the man Douglas was.

And with that story, Javier tells Danny not to be ashamed of being gay. It’s a very kind and unexpected gesture from Javier, and the look on Gary’s face has never been more proud.

Danny ends up telling his classmates that he’s gay, and they are incredibly supportive of his confession. They all change their Zoom backgrounds to rainbows, making our hearts melt with the love they’re giving Danny.

And by the way, Javier refers to Gary as Junior because his real name is Javier, making Papa Javier the senior. How cute is that?!

A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 12: The one where Walter found love

Regina and Rome are shocked when they find an unused condom in their car and immediately assume it’s Tyrell’s (Adam Swain). While he admits he is sexually active with a girl named Keke, it wasn’t his condom in the car.

By process of elimination, it can only be one person, and that one person is Rome’s dad, Walter. Later, when Rome asks Walter about it, he admits that he’s been hanging on to the condom, but he and Florence have not had sex. He doesn’t think she is interested in him that way, so Rome decides to have Walter and Florence over for dinner.

During dinner, Florence reveals to Regina that she is interested, but Walter isn’t making any moves. This is likely because he’s still grieving the loss of his late wife, and he hasn’t been with anyone else. It’s going to take time, especially because it’s been less than a year.

But never fear, by the time dinner rolls around, Walter has a newfound confidence and proclaims that he and Florence are ready to eat because they have plans to get to later. You clever boy, Walter!

However, the excitement and happiness are short-lived after Tyrell walks into the room, looking down and defeated. It turns out Keke has just sent him an alarming video, and it’s of George Floyd. The look on everyone’s face reveals devastation and grief that will likely play out in the episodes to follow.

A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 12: Katherine is over it

After Eddie gets home from rehab, Katherine is less than enthusiastic to welcome him. He compliments her on her new hairstyle, and the small talk continues until Theo shows up. Katherine uses the opportunity to jet off to work, leaving Eddie behind to catch a glimpse of his rehab bill.

Later, Darcy gets a call from Katherine saying she’s been hiding out at work because she doesn’t want to be around Eddie. Shockingly, Darcy tried to come to Eddie’s defense, but it’s clear Katherine is way over it now.

Meanwhile, Eddie is busy planning a nice dinner for Katherine and hoping they can talk about everything and figure things out. Katherine ends up canceling last minute, claiming she can’t make it because of work. However, she’s actually heading off to a hotel with Alan (Terry Chen), the very same hotel that Eddie used to take Delilah to.

Eddie can tell from the tone of Katherine’s voice that she’s lying and is likely with Alan–and there’s not a thing he can do about it. Despite wanting to, Katherine can’t get herself to sleep with Alan, at least not until things with Eddie have ended. And Alan is completely supportive of her decision and promises to wait for her.

Back at home, Eddie calls the rehab center and learns that his bill has been paid in full–by Gary. What a friend! Sigh. As he hangs up the phone, Katherine comes home and immediately confesses she was with Alan, but nothing happened.

She suggests they go to therapy for counseling, but not for the Eddie thinks. She wants to go to counseling so they can figure out how to end their marriage, for Theo’s sake. Whatever they are going to do is going to affect him, and they need to handle it with care.

Plus, she confesses that she won’t ever be able to look at him “that way” again. Ouch.

That whole moment was a horrible one for Eddie, so he calls Gary to thank him and find solace. Gary doesn’t hesitate to tell Eddie he loves him and that he was more than happy to pay for the rehab bill. He got the money by selling the engagement ring he bought for Maggie, and since he didn’t need it anymore, this was the best thing to do to use the money towards.

Katherine may no longer feel love for him, but Eddie does have his friends. And he’s really going to need them for whatever is coming up.

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How does this show lift us up and then break our hearts all at the same time?

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