Manifest Season 3, Episode 8 recap: Destination Unknown

MANIFEST -- "Destination Unknown" Episode 308 -- Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC)
MANIFEST -- "Destination Unknown" Episode 308 -- Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, Ben gave himself up for testing. What will Saanvi and Dr. Gupta find? Will everyone else have the same markers?

Ben is at Eureka. He is looking at a picture of the passengers on the flight when Ben gets a calling of 15 photos of passengers going up in flame. As Ben is leaving, Saanvi tells him about an old piece of driftwood that has been brought in.

Michaela, Zeke, and Cal are in the garage. Michaela gets a calling. She touches a card, and her hand burns. Zeke and Cal are going to go to a book fair, but Michaela will follow her calling, instead.

Grace goes to talk to Angelina. Grace tells her that she will open a restaurant in her brother’s name and asks Angelina to join her in looking at a few locations.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 8: Will Ben and Michaela figure out the callings?

Ben ends up in the garage with Michaela. He thinks that their callings are related and that it has to do with their “lifeboat.” This is what Ben calls their collective need to follow the callings. They figure out that it has to be about one person, Rachel.

They drive to a nice home. A woman answers, claiming to be Rachel’s sister. But is it? Vance and the rest of the Eureka team are in a meeting. Dr. Gupta has just informed everyone that they will report directly to Saanvi. This is good for Saanvi and Ben.

Ben and Michaela are at Rachel’s house. It turns out Rachel’s sister, Hannah, married Rachel’s husband, Jonas, after 828 went missing. Sarah shows up at the precinct to give Jared back his wallet. Michaela and Ben see Sarah and figure out that they are dating. They then figure out that Rachel now goes by Rachel Evans.

Cal and Zeke show up at the book fair. Cal introduces him to a girl named Stella. Could Cal like her?

MANIFEST — “Destination Unknown” Episode 308 — Pictured: (l-r) Matt Long as Zeke Landon, Jack Messina as Cal Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC) /

Ben and Michaela found Rachel. They ask about the callings and ask if she needs help. She lets them in. Rachel tells them the story of her life and Jonas and that she has moved on. Ben and Michaela leave Rachel and think they need to help her heal. Angelina and Grace are looking at one location. Baby Eden gets fussy and instantly calms down when put into Angelina’s arms.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 8: What will the driftwood reveal?

Troy and Saanvi are looking into the driftwood. They find the DNA of a peacock that is 6,000 years old. The peacock has the same marker in its blood as the 828 passengers. Is this why they see peacocks?

Michaela goes to Jared and asks about Sarah. Jared says that she is nothing like her mom. They then get a file on Rachel. Apparently, Jonas tried to kill Rachel a month before 828. Troy takes Saanvi over to Dr. Cooper. He thinks that an earthquake made the driftwood and tailfin appear, but they figure out that it may be a volcano.

Ben and Michaela go back to Hannah and Jonas’s neighborhood and talk to the neighbors. One of the neighbors tells them that Jonas is abusive. They now think that Rachel’s calling is to protect Hannah. Dr. Gupta and Saanvi believe that they are connected to one volcano and that the driftwood is connected to Noah’s Ark.

Cal and Zeke make it home from the book fair, and Cal asks Zeke about Stella. Cal wanted Zeke to feel her emotions, but he didn’t. Zeke talks to him about personal gain and how their gifts shouldn’t be used for that. Michael and Ben are staking out Hannah’s home. They see Jonas leaving. Michaela wants to talk to Hannah alone. Ben sees all of the passenger’s faces burning up again. He decided to follow Jonas.

Saanvi and Dr. Gupta go to Vance with the findings. Saanvi is excited about their findings, but she is told not to tell anyone, not even Ben.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 8: Will Ben and Michaela help Rachel and Hannah?

Ben follows Jonas to a building. Jonas gets in, but Ben has to break in behind him. He was caught on camera, though. Michaela is talking to Hannah. Hannah claims that she is happy, but Hannah is really trying to prove that to her sister. Ben goes into the building and comes upon Rachel with a gun. She was going to shoot Jonas. He tries to talk her down, but Rachel goes into Jonas’s office.

Hannah finally breaks down and tells Michaela the truth about what happens with Jonas. Ben is still trying to talk Rachel down. He tells her that she can protect Rachel and herself. Ben stops her and takes the gun, but then the cops come in. Ben ends up arrested and in interrogation with Michaela.

Hannah had been reunited with Rachel. Michaela says that Jonas has been arrested. Jared shows up at Sarah’s place with flowers. He is sorry that he tried to rush her out of the precinct early. They are officially dating.

Zeke and Michaela are sitting down for dinner. Michaela tells Zeke that Jared has a new girlfriend. But the problem is as Michaela is talking, Zeke starts to notice that Michaela might feel jealous.

Finally, Cal picks up Tarik’s snowglobe of the volcano. Just like Saanvi’s theory. Cal sees the volcano erupt.

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