Is Mare of Easttown Season 2 happening?

Kate Winslet, Evan Peters in Mare of Easttown Episode 2 - Photograph by Sarah Shatz/HBO
Kate Winslet, Evan Peters in Mare of Easttown Episode 2 - Photograph by Sarah Shatz/HBO /

Mare of Easttown is HBO’s latest exciting crime drama starring Kate Winslet and Evan Peters as they investigate the disappearance of several young girls in town and at least one murder. Critically acclaimed and increasingly popular with viewers, many wonder if Mare of Easttown Season 2 will happen.

The show centers on Winslet’s character Mare Sheehan, a Pennsylvania detective who struggles to keep her life from falling apart while attempting to find out who murdered Erin McMenamin, a teen mom with a pretty sad life.

There is no shortage of suspects between the creepy new deacon, Erin’s dad, her ex-boyfriend, and other unsavory town residents. Each week continues to reveal that Easttown’s inhabitants are filled to the brim with dark secrets. It’s addictive and compelling television, no wonder people want more!

Mare of Easttown Season 2: The series is currently billed as a limited series or miniseries.

As much as fans are interested in seeing Mare of Easttown Season 2 happen, it doesn’t look like a follow-up season is currently in the cards for the hit series. I imagine that we’ll see Winslet and maybe even Peters at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards for their performances, but HBO is currently billing the show as a limited series.

HBO has had great success with these shortened stories, especially of the crime and thriller variety. Mare of Easttown is similar to previous shows like Big Little Lies and The Undoing. But Big Little Lies was also planned to be just one season, and the network and stars later decided to bring it back for another.

It’s possible that the reception to Mare of Easttown could garner another season. A lot of that decision will probably hinge on Winslet, as the A-list Oscar-winning actress is accustomed to doing films and might not have enough room in her schedule to return.

For now, we’ll just enjoy the first season and keep our fingers crossed that the stars align and more is planned down the line!

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Would you like to see Mare of Easttown Season 2 happen? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!