RockLove Jewelry’s new Star Trek Collection celebrates women

Star Trek collection from RockLove Jewelry Collection
Star Trek collection from RockLove Jewelry Collection /

Who would have known that the science fiction television series Star Trek would become such a worldwide phenomenon to this very day? Several seasons and films were created along with some of the most creative, unique, and compelling characters, planets, and plotlines. Three female characters, in particular, were the inspiration for RockLove Jewelry’s Star Trek jewelry collection: The Women of Star Trek Collection.

Which three female characters? Let’s find out!

Star Trek
Star Trek Bajoran Earrings from RockLove Jewelry Collection /

Available for preorder the Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring priced at $60.00 is eye-catching for several reasons. Meant to be worn on the right ear this sterling silver piece is a symbol of the Bajoran people.

If you love Star Trek and Star Trek jewelry you’ll love these three jewelry pieces from RockLove’s The Women of Star Trek Collection.

“Featuring a single hole piercing, the stud connects with a chain to an accompanying cuff that gently attaches higher up the ear lobe.”

Star Trek
Star Trek Uhura Earrings from RockLove Jewelry Collection /

Next is the sterling silver and yellow gold plated Uhura Spiral Earrings. Priced at $135.00 these spiral earrings are “wound by hand” and weigh 4 grams per earring. This statement piece will turn heads uniting both new and old fans of Star Trek.

Star Trek
Star Trek Guinan Earrings from RockLove Jewelry Collection /

Last but not least is the stunning Guinan Turquoise Earrings containing 24 genuine turquoise nugget stone beads. Brass plated in silver and yellow gold these $135.00 earrings weigh 10 grams per earring.

“Every Star Trek X RockLove piece arrives in a signature Star Trek X RockLove Jewelry Box, black and silver metallic with vibrant blue galaxy print inside.”

Whether you are planning your next Star Trek cosplay, watching a Star Trek marathon, or simply want to add a touch of your favorite fandom to your wardrobe, these gorgeous pieces will surely do the job.

Other collections by RockLove Jewelry include DC, Marvel, Pokemon, Star Wars, and Magic: The Gathering.

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Which Star Trek jewelry piece is your favorite? Comment your answers below!