All American Season 3, Episode 12 Recap: Fight the Power

All American -- "Fight the Power" -- Image Number: ALA312b_0435r.jpg -- Pictured: Monet Mazur as Laura -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "Fight the Power" -- Image Number: ALA312b_0435r.jpg -- Pictured: Monet Mazur as Laura -- Photo: Erik Voake/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

In the previous episode of All American, Spencer’s future is hanging in the balance, and Olivia may have just blown the doors off of the Baker household. How will things play out for both of them?

This episode begins with Simone and Jordan sitting down with both of their parents discussing the annulment. Simone’s family does not want them to get the annulment, while Laura is pushing for it. Billy is nowhere to be found.

In Crenshaw, the football team is working out and talking about how they need to win their next game in order to make the playoffs. They are also talking about how Billy isn’t around.

Where is Billy?

All American Season 3, Episode 12: Where is Billy Baker?

Billy is at a neurologist’s office. But for what? Jordan?

The Hicks and the Bakers are still discussing the annulment when Laura gets the call that the Tamika Pratt video has been leaked to the press. Olivia immediately says that she handed over the video.

Laura and Olivia are in the Baker kitchen and Billy finally walks in. Laura and Olivia are fighting and Olivia will not back down. Laura ends up grounding her.

Simone and Layla are discussing what went down at the Baker house. Layla asks about Olivia and Simone tells her to give her a call.

In Crenshaw, Spencer and Kia are walking around and they see Grace hanging up posters. She tells Spencer that he can play football and take time to acknowledge the Tamika Pratt video at the same time.

We see Billy sitting at his desk. He is thinking about his time at the neurologist. We see the doctor asking him questions about where he is and the current date. Is something wrong?

Billy’s dad walks in and tells Billy that he is going to take care of Billy’s kids if Billy isn’t.

In Beverly, JJ and Asher are practicing non-stop. JJ tells Asher to head inside. Simone walks over and talks to Asher. She asks him if Jordan is acting like his normal self. Simone mentions the marriage and Asher is shocked that he is the last one to find out.

Mo is talking to someone at the Cafe. She says that she wants to steal Coop’s future but we don’t know what that is going to look like.

Spencer and Kia go to the Baker house. Spencer tells Olivia to make up with her mother while they take care of it. Spencer has an idea that probably has to do with football.

All American
All American — “Fight the Power” — Image Number: ALA312fg_0022r.jpg — Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Spencer and Chris are sitting in Billy’s office. Spencer wants to take a knee during the National Anthem to prove a point. Billy advises them that everyone has to take a knee or no one does. Chris is worried about scholarships and possible suspensions. What will they decide to do?

Jordan and Simone are sitting together. Simone says that she is worried about Jordan. She asks him why he hasn’t told his friends that they are married. He seems indifferent. He thinks that he is damaged because of his injury.

All American Season 3, Episode 12: What did Olivia really do?

Olivia is in her house and one of Laura’s coworkers comes in to grab a flash drive. This woman tells Olivia that her mother had a whole case against the cops and has been building it for months. Olivia’s leak crashed the investigation to the ground.

Jordan walks up to Asher and tells him that he is taking a day off of football. Asher asks why he kept the wedding a secret. Jordan gets immediately defensive and walks away.

Mo meets with Preach. She apologizes to him for leaving when they were younger. Is this part of her plan to get back at Coop?

Layla shows up at the Baker house. Olivia tells Layla about everything. Layla reassures her that her mother will accept her apology.

Mo mentions to Preach are getting ready to leave dinner. They end up kissing and Preach tells Mo goodbye, for good.

Simone goes to Spencer’s house. She is really worried about Jordan and wants Spencer to talk to him.

Laura goes to Billy’s Crenshaw office to try to find him. He isn’t there. She breaks down and it isn’t Billy that walks in, it is Grace. Grace goes to leave but ends up staying to console her.

We finally make it to the South Crenshaw football game. Billy gives them a pep talk about making the playoffs. Spencer asks to speak. He asks them to forfeit the game in order to protest. Will they do it?

All American Season 3, Episode 12: Will they forfeit the game?

Spencer and Chris walk onto the field. They do the coin toss and then they take a knee. The team will forfeit the game for Tamika Pratt and end their season.

What happened next is unexpected. The opposing team also takes a knee with them.

Postgame, Billy is in his office. His dad comes in. Billy is happy the team took a stand, but is upset that the program may be taken away.

In Beverly, Simone and her mother are sitting down. She wants Simone to have a real wedding. Simone doesn’t want one, but she is pushing.

Billy goes back home to the Baker house. She asks him where he has been. He admits to going to the doctor. He tells her that the doctors say that all of his testing came back “normal,” which is great.

Laura and Billy get a notification that Olivia’s podcast went live. It is Olivia’s writing, but Layla’s voice. She apologizes to her mother and tells everyone that her mother is on the right side of justice.

Jordan comes to the Crenshaw football field to meet Spencer. Spencer tells him that his life is worth it and that he needs to fight for it. Jordan wants Spencer to train him. Spencer says no, but then agrees.

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