Manifest Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: Compass Calibration

MANIFEST -- "Compass Calibration" Episode 310 -- Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST -- "Compass Calibration" Episode 310 -- Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, Saanvi made the ark piece disappear for a few seconds. What does this mean for 828 passengers and their connection?

Remember the Tarek’s snowglobe? Cal is watching it and is seeing the volcano erupt.

Michaela and Zeke are making breakfast and talking about Sarah. Zeke is telling her what he felt and Michaela tells him that Saanvi killed the major. Michaela doesn’t want to bring Saanvi in, but Zeke tells her that she has to.

In the garage, Ben is talking to Grace. Olive is staying at Levi’s because of what happened between her and Angelina. Ben says that something doesn’t feel right and then he realizes that it is a special day.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 10: Things are starting to erupt.

Cal walks into the garage for some super glue to fix his snowglobe. Cal asks Ben about a passenger picture that is glowing. We have our next 828 passenger in trouble.

Troy and Saanvi are going through research. They are trying to solve the disappearance of the ark piece. Troy says that the testing they are doing might be having other consequences. Maybe it is the earthquakes?

Michaela goes to Eureka to pick up Saanvi, but Saanvi just wants one more day. Michaela agrees because she is getting a call.

Ben goes to the passenger, Astrid’s, house. The people that hate 828 are after her.

Michaela goes to the call. Vasquez is there and apparently, there might be a bomb in the area. A woman asks to borrow Michaela’s phone so that she can call her son’s school. She isn’t going to make it in time to pick him up.

Grace, Angelina, and Beverly are testing recipes and Beverly thinks that Eden is Angelina’s baby.

Saanvi tests the piece one more time and there is a large earthquake.

After the earthquake, Angelina realizes that Eden knew the earthquake was going to happen before it did and started to cry. This saved Angelina from being hit by a fan. Beverly says that Eden is her guardian angel. Angelina seems to agree. Grace seems very confused.

Ben is talking to Astrid after the earthquake. Astrid does not like to follow the callings, but Ben convinces her to help him follow them for her. She saw a skull on a checkerboard. Ben knows it belongs to the anti-828 people. He convinces Astrid to go with him.

Angelina, Zeke, and Grace are cleaning up after the earthquake. Zeke can feel the love between Eden and Angelina, which calms Grace.

Saanvi is talking to another scientist about the earthquake. There seems to be another epicenter that looks like a volcano, but it is in New York.

Ben and Astrid get to the location of the anti-828ers. They go through the gate and into the building. It seems abandoned, but it isn’t The anti-828 guy, Cody, is there and they tie him up.

MANIFEST — “Compass Calibration” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben stone, Patrick Murney as Cody Webber — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

Michaela is at the precinct when the woman she lent her phone to, Val, comes storming in. She thinks the bomb threat was called in to hold her up so her ex-husband could kidnap their son, Robin.

Who is the ex-husband?

Astrid and Ben figure out at the same time that it is the anti-828er, Cody.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 10: Will Ben, Astrid, and Michaela find Robin?

Saanvi goes to talk to Vance. She wants to stop testing because the epicenter of the earthquake was the center of all of the returned. Vance does not think this is reason enough to stop.

In the precinct, Val, tells Michaela that they should go look at his old autobody shop that is now closed, which is where Ben and Astrid are.

Angelina goes home to Cal. She tells Cal about the guardian angel comment. Cal believes it because a calling told him that she is supposed to be there.

In the lab, Saanvi and Troy are testing the wood again. Only it blows up and Saanvi gets blasted. The wood piece has been blown to bits.

Astrid gets a calling that Robin needs help. Cody doesn’t want to give him up. Ben gets so angry he pushed the chair that Cody is tied to over.

In the garage, Cal sees Ben’s picture on fire. Ben is being tested.

Manifest Season 3, Episode 10: Will Ben pass the test?

As Ben is yelling at a now knocked out Cody. Michaela and Vasquez walk in. Cody is still alive but he needs medical assistance.

Astrid continues to tell Michaela about her calling. Robin apparently can’t breathe wherever Cody is keeping him. Cody built a bunker to hide from the 828 passengers. The generator wouldn’t start, so Cody when to get one.

Saanvi and Troy leave Eureka. The ark piece did not blow up. They have it.

Michaela makes it to the bunker. She starts to yell around from Robin. Astrid is trying to remember more about her calling.

They find Robin but he is crushed under a bookshelf. They are able to pull him out from under it.

At the Stone house, Angelina has lit a candle and is trying to get Eden to show that she is her guardian angel. The candle falls out of her hand and lights the curtains on fire.

Zeke is downstairs and tells Grace that Eden is scared. Grace and Zeke run upstairs and see the curtains as well as Angelina chanting to the ceiling.

Grace grabs Eden and runs out of the room. Angelina runs down after them. She tries to tell Grace that it was a trial by fire and that she knew Eden wouldn’t let anything hurt her.

Grace is very upset and kicks Angelina out of the house.

Michaela and Vasquez are leaving the bunker area. Vasquez has Ben in a cop car. Michael gets in the car with him. Ben tells Michaela that they got Cal’s final diagnosis 8 years ago to the day. 8 years ago they were told that Cal would not survive his cancer.

Michaela reminds Ben what they are all working toward.

Cal is telling Grace that Angelina needs to stay, but Grace kicks her out anyway. Cal is very upset by this.

Michaela goes back to Eureka to pick up Saanvi and is told that she left an hour ago.

Saanvi and Troy make it to the volcano. Saanvi holds the piece of the ark over it and drops the piece into the opening. The opening closes and seals itself shut.

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