Cruel Summer Season 1, Episode 9 recap: A Secret All My Own

CRUEL SUMMER - "A Secret of My Own" - Kate's closely held secrets and fragmented memories of her time in Martin's captivity are brought to the surface. This episode of "Cruel Summer" airs Tuesday, June 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform)BLAKE LEE, OLIVIA HOLT
CRUEL SUMMER - "A Secret of My Own" - Kate's closely held secrets and fragmented memories of her time in Martin's captivity are brought to the surface. This episode of "Cruel Summer" airs Tuesday, June 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform)BLAKE LEE, OLIVIA HOLT /

In the previous episode of Cruel Summer, Jeanette is trying to get her hands on a snowglobe that Mallory currently has. What does this snowglobe have to do with the abduction or her case?

This episode takes place during the fall of 1993 and 1994, only.

We start in 1993. Kate has walked up to Mr. Harris’s house on the night she entered. They are calling this “Day 1.”

Kate is telling Martin about how she felt so lonely in her house. He starts to comfort her.

Cruel Summer Season 1, Episode 9: When did things change at Mr. Harris’s house?

We go back to 1994. A voice is talking about grooming and what it looks like. Kate’s therapist is telling her that Mr. Harris put himself in a position that made her need him.

In 1993, Kate fell asleep on the couch. Mr. Harris covered her and let her sleep. When she wakes up, she goes looking for him and goes into the basement.

In 1994, Kate tells her therapist that there is something she hasn’t said yet. It is that she wasn’t always locked in the basement.

In 1993, Rod and Joy are talking about how they are worried Kate hasn’t come home yet.

We go back to Kate and Mr. Harris. He is saying that he needs to go to school early and that she can walk on her own. As Mr. Harris is leaving, we see Mallory making the tape for the prank.

Kate is left in the house alone and obviously decides not to go to school. She tries to cook for him and goes through his things. Mr. Harris comes in and is angry that Kate didn’t come to school. He even tries to kick her out of the house.

As she is leaving, the phone rings. The detective has called Mr. Harris to let him know that Kate is now considered a missing person. Kate no longer leaves.

Cruel Summer Season 1, Episode 9: What is Mr. Harris’s next step?

Mr. Harris is mad that he didn’t tell anyone that Kate has been at his house. To get his mind off of things, Kate asks him to play a game. She wants to play “Never have I ever” and they start drinking. They get very comfortable with each other.

In 1994, Kate continues to tell her therapist that Mr. Harris paid close attention to everything. He made her feel comfortable.

In 1993, Mr. Harris is slowly walking upstairs and Kate is hiding in a closet. Turns out they are playing hide and seek, as well as, house.

Kate is now on Day 30 in the house. Mr. Harris wants her to go through travel guides and pick a place to go for her 18th birthday.

It’s day 34 and Kate is talking about how she misses her parents. Mr. Harris says that they have to wait. Then, the doorbell rings. It is Greg Turner. He wants to use Mr. Harris’s phone to call his wife to pick him up because his car broke down.

Greg notices that there are 2 coffee cups on the table. Mr. Harris says that one of them is from the day before. Greg leaves, but this sets Mr. Harris off. He starts to hang up curtains to block the windows.

It is day 64. Kate and Mr. Harris are carving pumpkins and setting up for Halloween. Mr. Harris is telling Kate that the buzz around school is that Kate ran away. He made it clear that Kate had to choose him or the world.

Only Kate starts to question this world that they have together.

Cruel Summer
CRUEL SUMMER – “A Secret of My Own” – (Freeform/Bill Matlock) BLAKE LEE /

During dinner, Kate starts to ask Mr. Harris about her parents and how they are doing. He doesn’t really want to talk about it.

On Christmas Eve, Kate doesn’t want to get out of bed. She is done being a prisoner in this new life. She starts to tell Mr. Harris about how she misses the outside world. He lets her stay in bed while he goes Christmas shopping.

Mr. Harris goes to the mall and Jeanette sees him there. The police show up and run around Mr. Harris into the mall.

Cruel Summer Season 1, Episode 9: Did Jeanette really see Kate in the house?

Kate is walking around the house and sees everything set up for Christmas. There on the TV stand is the snowglobe. Kate picks up the phone and dials. She had called Jamie. This is the voicemail Jeanette listened to in the last episode.

Kate left the voicemail that was just breathing, but in the background was the snowglobe music. As she leaves the voicemail, Jeanette walks into the house because she thinks no one is home.

Jeanette walks around the house and picks up the snowglobe. Jeanette gets spooked by a sound and leaves the house with the snowglobe. This is also when Jeanette’s necklace falls off and gets left at the house.

Kate goes on to tell her therapist that she never told Mr. Harris about Jeanette and the necklace.

She also tells about a time when she left the house on Christmas Eve. She walked back to her parent’s house and saw them inside. Her parents looked happy without her so she went back to Mr. Harris’s house.

Kate is on day 119. They are opening Christmas gifts. Mr. Harris gives Kate a pearl necklace and Kate puts on a red dress for dinner. At dinner, Mr. Harris yells at Kate for leaving the house the night before.

He makes it very clear that she can’t leave the house again until she is 18. Kate begs him to be able to leave and calls him a kidnapper. He says that he isn’t, but begs her not to leave.

She asks him for her suitcase. He says that it is in the basement. She goes downstairs to go get it and that is when she is locked in.

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