Home Before Dark: What to remember ahead of Season 2

Brooklynn Prince in “Home Before Dark,” premiering April 3 on Apple TV+
Brooklynn Prince in “Home Before Dark,” premiering April 3 on Apple TV+ /

Home Before Dark is one of many underrated shows on the Apple TV+ streaming service and this Friday, Home Before Dark Season 2 finally premieres. The first season dropped all at once in April 3, 2020, the second season will just air one episode per week, starting with the premiere this Friday, June 11.

For those who need a refresher, this guide will provide you with a quick recap of the first season’s main plot points so you’ll be more prepared for the sophomore season. To start, Home Before Dark is based on the real-life investigations of journalist Hilde Kate Lysiak. In the show, Hilde Lisko is played by Brooklynn Prince.

A young intrepid reporter, Hilde uncovers a cold case in the small, lakeside town where her father grew up shortly after the Liskos relocate there from New York. The second season will begin with Hilde and her friends entering a new school year and discovering a new case.

Richie might still be alive in Home Before Dark Season 2

At the end of the first season, we found out that Carol Collins/Margeret Miller kidnapped Richie after her brother blackmailed her into becoming an accomplice. The plan was for Ezekiel “Zeke” Miller to hold Richie for ransom, but things quickly went sideways. A scuffle between Zeke and Richie resulted in Zeke getting stabbed.

Carol exited her post as the van driver and went to the back, only to see Richie bleeding in the road. Zeke convinced her that Richie was dead. Later, Zeke took off in the van again and a crash resulted in the van going into the lake, which is why no one found it.

But when the van is pulled out of the lake, Richie’s body isn’t found in the back, only his shoe. Based on the clues she sees, Hilde deduces that Richie might have escaped somehow after all.

In Home Before Dark Season 2, the focus will be on a new case. Something in Eerie Harbor is making people sick and a bunch of dead birds everywhere is quite the ominous sign. Hilde dives deep into a new and dangerous mission, one that might put her and her family in more danger than ever before.

If you watch the trailer, Hilde theorizes that whatever Richie saw might be the reason he was kidnapped. Perhaps someone else swept in and took Richie while he was trying to return home.

Did Richie run away?

Of course, the other theory is that Richie might simply have run away from home, especially given that he was being abused at home. But the Season 2 trailer definitely adds to the mystery of what could have happened to him and just how deep the conspiracy and corruption in Eerie Harbor really goes.

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Home Before Dark Season 2 premieres on Friday, June 11, with new episodes airing weekly after that.