Get Loki’s TVA clothing and more from Her Universe’s collection at Hot Topic

Discover Our Universe's Loki TVA shirt at Hot Topic.
Discover Our Universe's Loki TVA shirt at Hot Topic. /

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Now that Loki has premiered on Disney+, we can finally learn more about the mysterious Time Variance Authority (TVA) and what they want with the God of Mischief. And if watching the debut episode has inspired you to bring Loki’s signature style into your own life, Her Universe has created a clothing collection modeled after the second son of Odin.

Discover Our Universe's Loki TVA shirt at Hot Topic.
Discover Our Universe’s Loki TVA shirt at Hot Topic. /

One of the most exciting items to come from this collection—available at Hot Topic—is the TVA shirt that looks almost exactly like the jumpsuit Loki wears while on trial. The tan, collared button-up sports the orange TVA logo on the front and the back. The long-sleeve version says “Variant” on the back and has the TVA seal similar to the one on Loki’s jacket.

Discover Her Universe's Loki-inspired dress at Hot topic.
Discover Her Universe’s Loki-inspired dress at Hot topic. /

But we all know Loki will change back into his usual green-and-gold regalia eventually, and Her Universe has added a similar dress and leggings to the collection for those interested in a quick cosplay outfit. These items feature the same colors and patterns so that you can match Loki’s complete look. Both the dress and leggings are also available in plus sizes, and you can even take your fandom to the beach and pool with Her Universe’s Loki-themed swim trunks.

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