Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist canceled: Can it be saved?

We’ve got some bad news for fans of NBC’s musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. According to TVLine, the network has decided to cancel the show after just two seasons. The news comes as a particular surprise given that the show managed to drum up several award nominations and accolades during its short tenure.

Fans had been hopeful that the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock would save the show for an eight-episode final season, but apparently, those talks broke down this past weekend.

Could another streaming service save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?

Even though Peacock passed on saving the show, there might be a chance for another streaming service or network to pick it up. Lionsgate Television, the studio behind the show, is trying to shop the series around to some other outlets.

Back in May, showrunner Austin Winsberg told TVLine that there were some discussions on the table, but had yet to hear anything “concrete.”

Since Starz is part of Lionsgate Television, it would seem like the premium cable service could be the best bet to save the show. Starz previously stepped in to rescue the YouTube Original series Step Up: High Water, another musically-inclined series.

Plus, Starz is leaning into inclusive television, particularly those shows with female leads, so Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist could potentially be a perfect fit for them.

How can you help save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?

Winsberg is just as dedicated to saving the series as the show’s dedicated fanbase. He took to Twitter this afternoon to encourage fans to make their voices heard if they’re eager to get another service to save it, adding that he refuses “to believe the show is dead.”

Fan campaigns have worked in the past, so if you’re interested in helping the show get saved, make some noise on social media by using the #SaveZoeysPlaylist hashtag.

Are you disappointed that Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was canceled? Would you like it to be saved by another network or streaming service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.