Manifest Season 3 finale recap: Mayday Part 1

MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 1" Episode 312 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Ed Herbstmann as Troy Davis -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)
MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 1" Episode 312 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Ed Herbstmann as Troy Davis -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, Eagan has threatened to turn the passengers against Ben. Will this cause the lifeboat to sink?

We start with the passengers on the plane the night they went missing. First, there is massive turbulence, and then the plane goes back to normal.

Only after Michaela sees blood dripping from the plane and no one can hear her. The only other person that can see the blood is the flight attendant.

Zeke wakes her up, but they both know that it was a calling.

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 1: What does the blood calling mean?

We go to Ben and Grace, trying to figure out something about the tailfin and Eureka. Finally, Olive walks in and apologizes for being away.

Ben gets a call from Michaela. She tells him about the blood in the plane and thinks that the calling was about the flight attendant, Bethany.

Cal has gotten into Eureka. He is talking to Vance and says that the tailfin can’t be there anymore. Vance calls Ben, and Ben wants to rush out of the house, but he is wearing an ankle monitor.

Olive can break it off of his ankle and puts it on herself. Ben and Grace are on their way to get Cal.

Vasquez shows up at Michaela’s house. He is upset that Michaela quit. She tells him that he will never understand the weight of the callings.

Ben and Grace get to Eureka. They want Cal to go with them, but he wants to stay with the tailfin. He shows them the picture that he drew of the tailfin, which got the attention of Dr. Gupta.

They grab him to leave, and Cal says shows them the burns on his stomach.

MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 1” Episode 312 — Pictured: Jack Messina as Cal Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers) /

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 1: Where does the tailfin belong?

Grace wants to bring him to the hospital, but the rest of them think that they won’t understand. Grace then asks for Saanvi.

Vasquez goes out for a run and then back to his apartment, where Sarah is. They are drinking coffee and discussing The Major. Sarah has possession of her safety deposit box. She wants to open it tonight, with him.

Saanvi is back at Eureka and is looking at Cal’s burns. But, unfortunately, the same sapphire residue is on Cal’s burns.

Michaela and Zeke make it to Bethany. Bethany doesn’t want anything to do with the callings.

Back at the precinct, Eagan runs his mouth to Vasquez as he brings someone else into the holding cells. Vasquez and Eagan start bantering, and Eagan tells him about Eureka. We then find out that the man that Vasquez brought in is also a passenger.

At Eureka, they are all talking about Cal’s burns and the tailfin. The passengers want them to stop testing, but Vance and Gupta don’t want to. So Vance finally allows them temporarily stop testing to see if it clears Cal’s burns.

At Bethany’s house, Michaela and Zeke are getting through to her. She is finally talking about the blood. She heard someone screaming and someone trying to open the emergency door. That man was Eagan.

Vasquez is going through files, and Michaela shows up. She wants to talk to Eagan because the passengers are in danger.

Saanvi is still testing Cal, but he is getting worse. Ben thinks that they need to destroy the tailfin to save Cal. Saanvi is going to tell him how.

Vasquez gives in and lets Michaela into holding. She asks all of them if they got the blood calling. Eagan admits to getting it and feeling the danger. He then adds a piece to the calling. He saw a raven.

They piece together that anyone out of their seat had the calling. So now they just have to find the other person out of their seat.

Ben goes to Troy, and he is going to help Ben destroy the tailfin. Ben is going to activate the laser as Saanvi did. Ben goes to touch it, but he gets a calling that he is underwater with the tailfin.

Cal is there too, but Cal is sinking. He snaps out of it and doesn’t get to activate the laser, but his hand starts to glow. Cal got the calling too. The burns on his chest are glowing like Ben’s hand.

Ben figures out that they need to return the tailfin to the ocean. He tells this to Vance, but can they return it?

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 1: Will Vance let them return the tailfin?

Michaela and Zeke go to the Stone house. Olive is going to help them with the calling. First, Michaela tells Olive to look up anything on Noah’s ark and birds.

Ben is trying to convince Gupta and Vance to return the tailfin. Vance sends Gupta away to talk to Ben. He wants to know why Ben thinks it has to return. Ben said that he made a mistake thinking they had to get the tailfin. The callings have always wanted it returned.

Vance wants to help Ben without jeopardizing his own career and access to Eureka. Ultimately, he agrees, but he wants to do it his way.

The three men in holding are talking. Eagan tells them all about Vance and Noah’s ark. They all think that they have to stop Ben.

At the Stone house, Olive runs into the garage with information about Noah. She says that some people believe Noah brought on the flood. They also figure out that Adrian was the other passenger out of his seat.

Michaela and Zeke run back to the precinct, but Adrian was already let go.

Ben makes Cal go to the hospital, but this has to be a tailfin diversion. Gupta is doing more tests on the tailfin as they are leaving, even though Vance halted it. She went above him.

Sarah and Vasquez are opening up the safety deposit box. In it is a swimming medal and an envelope that says S. Bahl. There are memory cards in the envelope. This interests Vasquez.

Michaela and Zeke are at home talking about Adrian. They think that Adrian won’t come forward. Michaela gets another calling. Michaela goes to Eagan in the calling and tells him to find Adrian.

Michaela walks up to Adrian in the calling, and he has blood coming from his eyes. Is Adrian in trouble?

In real life, Eagan is talking to a group of passengers. He wants to go after Ben and is using Adrian to do it.

Gupta is talking to Vance and the Stone family. They are yelling back and forth about the tailfin. As they are yelling, Cal is getting an idea. He starts to walk toward the tailfin. Grace sees him.

Cal needs to show them something. He hugs his mom and runs to the tailfin. He touches it, and Cal disappears.

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