Manifest Season 3 finale recap: Mayday Part 2

MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2", Episode 313 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Jack Messina as Cal Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2", Episode 313 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Jack Messina as Cal Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, Cal has disappeared to prove the tailfin needs to be returned, but will Vance and Gupta listen?

We go back to the plane on the original day. Angelina shows Adrian a religious book on the plane. Now Angelina is at Eagan’s meeting. This is where she went after she left Cal.

Ben is at Eureka, asking to bring the tailfin back to the ocean. Gupta still won’t do it and is using Cal’s data as a science experiment.

Vance returns with the news that the NSA wants them to continue testing on the tailfin.

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 2: Will they return the tailfin and save Cal?

Michaela and Zeke are talking about Adrian. They know that Eagan is using the NSA to go against Ben and control the passengers.

Some passengers show up at a gun shop and demand guns. The man behind the counter isn’t able to sell them because they are passengers. So they hold up the gun shop instead.

Ben goes into Vance’s office. Vance admits that he will go against Gupta and the NSA but can’t announce it to the group. Vance wants to return the tailfin, too.

Ben and Grace are at Eureka, trying to figure out where the tailfin needs to go. While they are talking, Grace realizes that the answer must be in Cal’s sketchbook. She goes home.

Michaela goes to the precinct. The passenger, Erika, that held up the gun store, is in interrogation. The other one got away. Vasquez gets into it with Michaela and asks about Saanvi. He gets angry and asks to be left out of everything.

Drea goes in to talk to Erika, and Michaela gets a calling.

Back at Eagan’s place. The second man from the gun store, Randall, is there. Adrian and Eagan are fighting about the gun store situation. Angelina wants them to stop arguing. Eagan says that this is their opportunity, but for what?

Drea gets the location of Eagan’s warehouse from Erika.

Grace and Olive are ripping apart Cal’s room and find the drawings. It is multiple drawings that they have to put together.

Ben, Vance, and Saanvi are putting the pictures together. But someone else higher up in the NSA comes in and puts a stop to it.

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 2: Will they figure out Cal’s puzzle?

Erika shows up at the warehouse with Michaela and Zeke, but no one is there. However, they do find a passenger contact list. Michaela realizes that this is Ben’s research.

Vance and the group tell this new NSA person about the tailfin and why it needs to go back to the ocean. They were able to put Cal’s puzzle together. Vance sticks his neck out and tells the NSA agent to trust Ben.

At the Stone house, Olive realizes that Cal colored over one of the pictures. She wants to try to restore it. Finally, they can uncover parts of the drawing. It is the dragon.

Gupta knows the dragon. It’s the constellation that she used to look at to see her grandma. This is enough to kick the other NSA agent out. Gupta now believes.

They can use the constellations to find an electrical storm to drop the tailfin back into the ocean. Then, they start loading up the tailfin.

In the warehouse, Drea finds a map. Michaela thinks that it is an attack plan.

Eagan and Randall are at the house they are going to attack. They think no one is home. It is Vance’s house. They want his files. As they are taking the files, Vance’s son walks in. They now have him as a hostage.

MANIFEST — “MAYDAY PART: 2” Episode 313 — Pictured: Luna Blaise as Olive Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 2: What will Eagan do with Vance’s son?

They get the tailfin to the dock and are loading it up onto the boat. Michaela calls Ben and tells him that Eagan is going to Vance’s. Vance knows his son is in danger and leaves the coast guard with Ben.

Adrian is waiting with Angelina. He gets a call from Eagan that Vance’s son was home. Adrian wants them to leave, but they won’t leave the house.

Adrian tells Angelina to leave, but she has nowhere to go. He says that she has a guardian angel waiting for her. Angelina goes to her, and it’s Eden.

Drea, Zeke, Michaela, and Vasquez are all outside Vance’s house. Vance shows up and wants to go inside. Vasquez doesn’t want him to, so Vasquez goes in alone.

On the boat, they start to see dark clouds. Ben wants them to go into the storm.

Zeke can tell that Randall and Eagan are not on the same page. So Michaela lets Vasquez know to play them against each other.

Eagan brings Vasquez into the office. Vance is right outside of the room, but Eagan and Randall don’t know that.

Just as Ben is about to drop the tailfin, the coast guard will command to leave the electrical storm area.

Michaela tells Vasquez to push Randall’s buttons. He gets Eagan to jump, and they can take Eagan and Randall down.

Vasquez sees a picture of Vance with his buddy. The same one that had picked him up to tell him about how The Major died. Vasquez is putting the pieces together.

Manifest Season 3 finale Part 2: Will the tailfin make it back into the water?

Ben is trying to tell the captain to drop the tailfin. When he won’t do it, Saanvi goes onto the deck to do it herself. She can release part of it, but it gets stuck.

Saanvi falls off the boat, the tailfin falls in, and Ben jumps in after her. The tailfin glows and disappears. Ben can grab Saanvi.

Outside of Vance’s house, Vasquez asks Michaela about Saanvi one more time. Michaela tells him that she only found out recently and that she is okay with protecting Saanvi.

Vasquez now thinks that he has to break up with Sarah because he can’t tell her the truth. Then he admits that the only reason he was okay with Michaela marrying Zeke is because Zeke was supposed to die.

Michaela gets another calling. She is on the plane alone with Adrian. He has blood on his hands. Adrian tells Michaela that Ben has lost his way.

On the boat, the coast guard realizes that the tailfin has disappeared. Ben tells Saanvi that he also hoped the Cal would reappear.

They both get a calling. Saanvi included. They think she has been redeemed. Cal is on the plane and tells them that it still isn’t over. Michaela walks over to them and says that she thought she stopped the killing.

Ben asks Cal where he is, but Cal says that he has to go. He also says that this is the way it has to be.

In real life, Angelina has entered the Stone house.

On the calling plane, Michaela finds blood on Angelina’s seat. She runs to Ben.

Angelina goes into Grace’s room and asks for her guardian angel. Grace screams. Angelina gets Eden and leaves.

Cal grabs his dinosaur from his room and brings it to his mother. She has been stabbed by Angelina. Cal is older, though.

At Eureka, Gupta is getting ready to leave and hears someone breathing. The pilot has returned to the plane, and then the whole plane disappears.

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