Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 recap: Ambushed Twice

Star Wars: the Bad Batch "Reunion"
Star Wars: the Bad Batch "Reunion" /

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8, ‘Reunion’, Clone Force 99 think they’ve made it big, only to find themselves in dire straits. Things will not end well for the team this time.

The Disney Plus show has been leaning into the expanded Star Wars universe and this episode reintroduces a well-known face from the animated shows. Not a welcome one, unfortunately.

The episode opens with Admiral Rampart showing utter disdain for Clone Force 99. Despite the Kaminoans insistence on the Bad Batch being an asset, Rampart is more than happy to have them executed.

This leads the Kaminoans to take some drastic steps. Their plan with Fennec Shand had already failed but they still need Omega, albeit for what reason, we don’t yet know. Whatever it is, the Kaminoans are willing to kill for it.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 – Treasure Trove

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap
Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Reunion” /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 takes off minutes after the end of the previous episode, when Rex had departed to join the Rebels, leaving the Bad Batch on Bracca. With their inhibitor chips removed, the Bad Batch are trying to relax.

Wrecker, now himself again, is teaching Omega how to diffuse bombs. She isn’t learning as quickly as she would like, but Wrecker is pleased with her progress. Despite being a child, Clone Force 99 have quickly made Omega an integral part of the team.

But it isn’t long before Wrecker, Omega, and Echo realise they’re not alone. The Scrapper Guild have been watching them, and little do the team know, have already informed the Empire.

The team make short work of the Scrappers but decide to get off the planet. But first, Hunter has a plan. Bracca has so many downed ships, most of them haven’t been scrubbed of their goods. They’re standing in a gold mine. These supplies could earn the team their freedom from Cid.

While Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker grab whatever weapons they can find, Tech and Omega download the files from the ship’s computer. And that’s when the proximity alarm alerts them of incoming Imperial ships.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 – Bad Company

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap
Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Reunion” /

Who else would be sent to take down the Bad Batch other than former member, Crosshair. Things get very hairy for the team soon after his arrival in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8.

Tech manages to jam Crosshair and his troopers’ comms and patches into their internal radio. But that does little to help. Crosshair finds them anyway and surrounds Clone Force 99.

No amount of pleading to Crosshair’s better nature will help. He refuses to listen to reason about the inhibitor chips. This man is just too far gone.

Once again, Tech comes to the rescue. He brings the whole deck down on Crosshair and his crew so Clone Force 99 can escape. Crosshair survives, as do some of his troopers.

While they recoup, the Bad Batch find an unusual exit—through the ionic engine. If it were on, they’d be dead. And that’s exactly what Crosshair wants.

Crosshair orders the ion engine be turned on with his former teammates and a literal child still inside. Like I said, Crosshair is beyond reason.

With their deaths imminent, Clone Force 99 use the charges they were going to give to Cid on the ion engine. It’s a long drop, but they all survive. However, they do get separated—Hunter and Omega land up on the other end of the ship.

As for Crosshair, he decides to look straight at the ion engine as it blazes, perhaps to check that his teammates are dying? Instead, he gets badly injured and needs medical attention. This is just going to make him angrier.

Unfortunately, Clone Force 99 still aren’t safe. As Hunter and Omega make their way back to the rest of the team, they come across a bounty hunter.

The infamous Cad Bane (Corey Burton) has made the Republic’s lives miserable for years. Now, he’s been sent to take Omega to the Kaminoans. Cad and Hunter face off and somehow, Hunter is the one who gets shot. Looks like Cad Bane is the fastest gun in the galaxy.

Hunter survives but Omega is gone. Clone Force 99 don’t know where she’s been taken, only that they’ve failed their primary mission to protect their charge.

Final Thoughts – Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Brought the Heartbreak

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 upped the ante in terms of stakes. With Omega captured, the team are going to be in a bad place. Can they find her? How will they even know where to look? It’ll be a long wait till next for us to find out!

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