All American Season 3, Episode 15 recap: After Hours

All American -- "After Hours" -- Image Number: ALA319a_0545r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Noah Gray-Cabey as Frausto -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "After Hours" -- Image Number: ALA319a_0545r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Noah Gray-Cabey as Frausto -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

In the previous episode of All AmericanSpencer has hit his limits with Westlake. Will he be able to get himself together for the rest of the season?

This episode starts in Crenshaw. Spencer is fighting with Frausto. Billy tells them that they are to have a night out together or they both don’t play.

Oliva is baking for Layla to come over this evening. She and Jordan are talking in the kitchen when their mother walks in. Laura wants to crash girls’ night with Olivia and Layla, but Olivia doesn’t want her around.

Olivia tells Laura to go talk to Grace about all the changes she is trying to make. Laura thinks that it is weird, but she asks Grace.

All American Season 3 Episode 15: How will boys’ night go for Spencer and Frausto?

Layla shows up at the Baker house with her new roommate, Carrie. Olivia is less than pleased but has to go along with it.

Billy is in his office and Principal Carter shows up. Looks like they are going to have their own boys’ night. Billy takes a bottle out of his desk and the two share a drink together.

The boys are hanging out in the cafe. Jordan, Asher, and Spencer are talking when Frausto shows up. Jordan asks if they want to play pool.

Meanwhile, at the Baker house, Olivia is trying to make everything perfect for her and Layla, but Carrie seems to be ruining it.

Laura and Grace are out for drinks. Denise is there with a guy. Denise becomes Laura and Grace’s common topic.

Billy and Carter are still drinking in his office. Billy asks Carter why he never punched him in the face before. They start getting into it about weight lifting. Turns out Carter has gotten into the gym.

Billy makes a comment about how Carter is good for a “regular dude.” This puts them into a competition.

Asher, Jordan, Frausto, and Spencer start betting on pool games.

Grace and Laura are still people watching when Denise sees them.

All American Season 3 Episode 15: How is girls’ night going?

Carrie and Layla are talking about how they met. Carrie lets out a secret that Layla told her about Olivia. Olivia gets angry and walks out of the room.

Laura and Grace are trying to tell Denise that they are leaving. But, Denise buys shots and makes them all stay. Laura and Grace are now trying to find Denise a man.

In the game of pool, Spencer has one shot left. He has to hit the 8 ball, but he scratches. Spencer and Frausto get into it. They go for double or nothing with Jordan and Asher.

In the locker room, Billy and Carter talk about Billy’s mom. Carter thanks her for his education. They have found their common thread.

Frausto and Spencer lose again. Frausto gets annoyed and leaves. Jordan and Asher remind Spencer that he is more like Frausto than he thinks.

Spencer goes after Frausto and they are going to try to win their money back together.

All American
All American — “After Hours” — Image Number: ALA319a_0850r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Michael Evans Behling as Jordan and Cody Christian as Asher — Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

All American Season 3 Episode 15: Who is going to win the pool game?

Laura and Grace are still trying to find Denise a man, but they start realizing that this is harder than it looks. Denise says that she wants a man for herself but that will also love her 3 girls.

Carter and Billy are now going through the yearbook and walking down memory lane. When Carter says that he played piano, Billy obviously challenges him.

At the Baker house, Carrie goes into the pantry to talk to Olivia. Carrie tries to apologize, but Olivia doesn’t want to hear it. Carrie then calls the relationship between Layla and Olivia toxic. Olivia tells Carrie that she doesn’t like that she is there and says that they should just “play nice.”

Billy and Carter go into the theater. Carter starts to play the piano. He is pretty good. Of course, Billy sings along. At the end of the song, Carter gets up and punches Billy. This makes Carter feel better.

In the last game of pool, Spencer and Frausto are about to win. It is Spencer’s turn and Frausto trusts him to win. Spencer hits the 8 ball and wins it for the boys.

Olivia walks back into the living room and Layla apologizes for telling Carrie everything. Carrie walks in and says that she doesn’t feel good and calls an Uber to come to pick her up.

Spencer wants to win all of the money, now. So, he says they should play a new game. Spencer and Asher are in the middle of the street with cups on their heads. Frausto and Jordan have to knock the cups off. The winner gets all the money.

Asher ends up ducking when the ball is thrown. Spencer and Frausto win.

Billy and Carter finally start talking about women. Billy tells him to ask Grace out and tells him to text her. But, Grace has been out with the girls all night.

When Carter goes to text her, Billy takes the phone and texts Grace. Grace gets the text and the girls try to say that Carter is into her.

Olivia and Layla finish the movie they were watching. Olivia brings up Carrie and asks how well Layla really knows her. Olivia is skeptical and when she pushes, Layla says that she has to leave to go check on Carrie.

Jordan, Asher, Spencer, and Frausto are finishing up in the cafe. Frausto comes around and now knows that Spencer is there for Crenshaw.

Carter and Billy are walking through the school. Carter gets a text on his phone, it was Grace. Billy also asks Carter not to mention that he can sing to his team.

Grace gets home and Spencer is on the couch. He waited up for her and realizes that she is drunk. She falls asleep on the couch and he covers her up.

Jordan is home and goes into Olivia’s room. She asks him if he has met Carrie. Jordan tells Olivia that it is probably nothing. They hear a loud bang and go downstairs. It is Grace sneaking in.

Olivia and Jordan go upstairs and Billy comes out from behind a curtain.

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