3 shows to introduce you to the Tales of Arcadia universe

Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans - (L-R) Claire (voiced by Lexi Medrano) and Douxie (voiced by Colin O'Donoghue). Cr: DreamWorks Animation © 2021
Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans - (L-R) Claire (voiced by Lexi Medrano) and Douxie (voiced by Colin O'Donoghue). Cr: DreamWorks Animation © 2021 /

These are the shows you need to watch before the Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans film is released on Netflix.

On July 21, 2021, Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans will arrive on Netflix bringing together the three Tales of Arcadia series. It seems like there is never a dull day in Arcadia Oaks. Between trolls, aliens, and time travel, nothing seems out of the ordinary anymore.

Tales of Arcadia consists of three series: Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards created for Netflix by the brilliant Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Crimson Peak) and the popular DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You Productions.

But how do these series come together especially in time for the Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans movie? Here is the list of shows you’ll need to watch before the film’s release.

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

The series that started it all, Trollhunters ran for three seasons featuring the voice talents of Anton Yelchin, Emile Hirsch, Kelsey Grammer, Lexi Medrano, Steven Yeun, Charlie Saxton, and Ron Perlman. The story follows the main character, high schooler Jim Lake Jr. who happens to find the Amulet of Daylight which belonged to the troll Kanjigar the Courageous.

What Jim doesn’t realize is that now he is thrown into the world where trolls exist along with other creatures like changelings and gnomes. As Jim is juggling his life as a high schooler alongside his best friend Toby Domzalski, his overworked mother Barbara, and crush Claire Nunez he is training to become the first human Trollhunter.

Thankfully he has the help of trolls Blinky Galadrigal and AAARRRGGHH!!! who teach and train him along the way. More unique and memorable characters come into the fray but it’s the main cast who really holds the series together.

The show tackled both fantastical and relatable conflicts while feeling refreshing and new in the terms of a series that both children and their parents can enjoy together. But little did Jim know that trolls wouldn’t be the last thing he had to worry about.


3Below: Tales of Arcadia

The next series on the list is the science fiction adventure 3Below! Running for two seasons, the series focused on brother and sister Prince Krel and Princess Aja from the planet Akiridion-5.

The two barely escape with commander Varvatos Vex arriving on Earth. The three must disguise themselves as humans and blend in to their new environment all the while General Morando is trying to find them.

Throughout the series, some familiar faces from Trollhunters appear such as the unintelligent bully Steve Palchuk and often cowardly Eli Pepperjack. While aliens may seem like an extremely different direction for the next Tales of Arcadia series to venture, it actually works a lot better than most would think.

The show overcomes the typical fish out of water trope with its unstoppable humor and inventive writing.

Diego Luna, Tatiana Maslany, Nick Offerman, Nick Frost, Hayley Atwell, and Glenn Close are just some of the amazing voices of the very likable collective of characters. While Krel and Aja thought things couldn’t possibly get any stranger, they somehow always do in Arcadia Oaks.

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

The last installment of the Tales of Arcadia series is Wizards. Running for just one season, the series brings back several characters into the fray while going back in time to face a very different story of King Arthur.

Colin O’Donoghue, David Bradley, Lena Headey, James Faulkner, Alfred Molina, and John Rhys-Davies all led their voice talents to the cast of wizards, knights, and villains. The story follows Hisirdoux “Douxie” Casperan, Merlin’s apprentice living in Arcadia Oaks alongside his shapeshifting buddy Archie, who often takes the form of a cat.

While you’d think being Merlin’s apprentice would be exciting, Douxie finds that he still cannot receive respect from Merlin, even though he’s been his apprentice for nine centuries. But that becomes the least of his problems when he and his friends are sent back in time, to when the Amulet of Daylight was created and the involvement of the villainous trio the Arcane Order.

While one season may seem short, it wrapped up a well-thought-out plot leaving room for the upcoming film. At times it may feel rushed however it works with the combination of long-awaited answers to questions and the return of some favorite characters.

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Tales of Arcadia series is streaming now on Netflix.