Trying Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Lift Me Up

Esther Smith in “Trying,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Esther Smith in “Trying,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

The latest episode of Trying Season 2 begins with the clip we previously shared showing Jason and Nikki chatting about Karen’s hen do and Scott’s stag party. Scott’s pretentious attitude has pushed away most people, leaving him with just three attendees at his upcoming pub outing.

Post-credits, Nikki and Jason both receive some significant news, one fantastic and one not-so-good. Nikki is overjoyed to tell Jason she’s gotten the promotion to manager at the same time Jason reveals they aren’t getting the kids. It sucks to see these two constantly get so close to their dream family only to have it come crashing down. Surely, this show has got to let them adopt some kids eventually, right?

The bright spot in all of this is the relationship between Nikki and Jason; they anchor each other. Their stability becomes a central factor in this episode as not everyone has as much luck in the relationship department. Several of their friends turn to Nikki and Jason for advice.

Specifically, Erica has slept with Freddy and Karen is having doubts about marrying Scott. Karen’s worries stem from her budding feelings for Deven. She feels guilty for her attraction even though they haven’t actually done anything. At least she ends things before an affair can actually occur.

Then she returns home to find a vow template on the table. Scott can’t even recall the date they first met or come up with three things he loves about her. It’s enough to make Karen second-guess her relationship. She also throws a coffee cup in the trash with Deven’s name on the side, which Scott later finds.

Trying Season 2
The cast of “Trying,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

For Karen’s hen do, Nikki plans a day go-karting, much to the annoyance of the other women who would prefer to go out and get drunk. Karen and Erica reveal their secrets simultaneously to an overwhelmed Nikki, resulting in a massive kart pile-up in the middle of the track.

Karen asks Nikki how she knows it’s right with Jason. Nikki compares it to a feeling of peace she gets whenever she’s with him, like he drowns out all the noise and anxiety in her head. Across town at the bachelor party, Jason gives similar advice to Freddy, who then breaks things off with Harper.

The conversation with Nikki gets Karen wondering how she would feel if Scott left, and she gets her answer when she returns home. Scott bails early on a graffiti session (Jason steals one of Nikki’s planned outings, and yes, she makes him pay her back) to rush home. The implication appears to be that he’s leaving Karen. That’s definitely what she thinks when she gets home and sees coat hangers, boxes, and books in disarray all over the place. But it turns out Scott was just looking for her beloved copy of The Secret Garden.

Trying Season 2
Sian Brooke and Navin Chowdhry in “Trying,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Karen realizes that Scott is the one for her in Trying Season 2, Episode 7

That one brief moment of believing Scott was gone is enough to make Karen realize how much she genuinely loves him. Even better, she snoops in one of his journals and finds that he is actually planning their vows with extensive notes and details. I guess the template was just a fluke or part of his early planning.

Karen tries to confess to Scott the weird thing she had with Deven, but Scott just lets it go. I think it’s implied he might have known something was going on, especially since he found the coffee cup, but it’s not enough to ruin their engagement over. Everyone gets cold feet.

Trying Season 2, Episode 7: Will Jason propose to Nikki soon?

In the episode’s final moments, Jason pulls an engagement ring out of his drawer to examine! Is Jason planning to pop the question to Nikki in the season finale? I had a feeling that might happen based on how the episode played out. It seemed to be setting up for something big between Nikki and Jason.

Even though they’re struggling to have a family, it’s obvious their relationship is something their friends and family admire. Their stability is enviable, and they’re the fulcrum at the heart of this episode as their friends shift and try to find happiness around them.

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The Trying Season 2 finale airs next Friday on Apple TV+.