Tuca & Bertie Season 2, Episode 3 recap: Kyle

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In Tuca & Bertie Season 2, Episode 3, “Kyle,” Bertie’s therapist recommends she create an idealized version of herself in her head to turn to for guidance when she’s stressed or anxious. Instead of imagining herself in a power suit, as most people do, Bertie manifests the ultimate “bro” version of herself named Kyle.

At work, Bertie struggles with the doldrums and tediousness of her daily life, especially now that her baking outlet is no more. She’s started selling baked goods at work on the down-low, and her mood is always 100% improved on the days she cooks. With Tuca’s help, they sell some of her pastries to her coworkers under cute code names like “binders” and “peanut butter paper clips.”

But Bertie’s budding baking business hits a snag when she finds out that Pastry Pete is back in business with a new line of “I’m sorry” strudels. Rather than take accountability for harassing women, Pete just turns his apology tour into a business opportunity, and sadly, it works.

Outside of Bertie’s office, she’s forced to watch Pete’s latest cute assistant bake and sell his strudels, which are selling like hotcakes!

Wanting to create a new pastry that outsells Pete’s, Bertie turns to Kyle for assistance. With his help, Bertie comes up with a disgusting pastry made from buckets of taurine and egg-to-factory gloop instead of her usual gourmet ingredients. These pastries feature energy drinks, and they’re named Edge Bread.

The plan works, and Edge Bread starts selling like crazy, especially when Kyle signals all the bros in the area to taste the bread. The crowd of competing bros triggers a hilarious musical number as they try to indoctrinate Bertie into their gang of toxic masculinity and brute force.

During the song’s grand finale, Kyle and his friends try to coax Bertie into slipping a cup full of bro bird spit into Pete’s strudel mix, but Bertie can’t bring herself to do it (on purpose, at least), although the spit does make it into the batch (“ew, loogie strudels”).

Not putting the spit in the batter inadvertently causes a chaotic chain reaction. All the bro birds fight each other until Tuca arrives and helps Bertie put out the fire (literally).

Maybe Edge Bread isn’t the best idea, but once Bertie gets Kyle safely back inside her head, she admits to her boss that she has been selling baked goods in secret. Thankfully, he’s totally okay with her having a side hustle. He even says okay to Bertie’s idea of making employee birthday cakes and getting paid from the office party budget!

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Tuca & Bertie Season 2, Episode 3 recap: Tuca tries to find her passion as a crossing guard.

While Bertie is trying to challenge Pete, Tuca sets out to find her true passion and stumbles into a job that could be the perfect fit for her: a crossing guard.

At a four-way intersection with no stop signs, Tuca steps up to the plate to direct the flow and seems to be a natural at it. But within just a short period, Tuca goes mad with power and starts demanding people only drive Sunday trucks on Sundays and play bumper cars in the middle of the road.

When the stop signs ordered by Birdtown finally arrive, Tuca realizes that she probably wasn’t the best fit for the job anyway. Maybe next week, Tuca!

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New episodes of Tuca & Bertie Season 2 air Sunday nights on Adult Swim.