All American Season 3, Episode 17 recap: Homecoming

All American -- "All American: Homecoming" -- Image Number: ALA316a_1227r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Michael Evans Behling as Jordan, Geffri Maya as Simone, Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Samantha Logan as Olivia -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
All American -- "All American: Homecoming" -- Image Number: ALA316a_1227r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Michael Evans Behling as Jordan, Geffri Maya as Simone, Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Samantha Logan as Olivia -- Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

In the previous episode of All American, Simone invited Jordan to visit a college in Atlanta. Spencer and Olivia are along for the ride. What can go wrong?

The crew has made it to Atlanta to Bringston University.

They start to make their way around the campus. They walk into a class. It turns out Simone’s Aunt Amara is a journalism professor at the school.

Amara introduces Simone and the group to a student named Keisha. She is going to be their tour guide.

All American: Homecoming: Who will the group run into on campus?

Keisha is talking to Olivia and Simone. She mentions that she is into Spencer. Olivia says that they aren’t together, so Amara makes her move.

Olivia and Keisha go to dance. Simone tries to take a picture of her friends when a guy thinks that she is taping him. He tries to argue with her, but she doesn’t recognize him and goes in on him.

We then see him checking out the baseball team.

Spencer and Jordan are walking around. They see the guy by the baseball field. Apparently, his name is Damon. He is a huge deal in the world of baseball.

Simone, Olivia, and Keisha are watching the tennis courts. A girl named Thea calls them out for being too close. She notices Simone’s tennis charm bracelet and challenges Simone to a match.

Thea ends up beating Simone. But we don’t think this match is finished forever.

Damon walks up to the assistant coach. The coach is less than happy that Damon is there and the team is messing around with him.

The head coach walks up and welcomes Damon with open arms. Will Damon go straight to the pros or play at the collegiate level?

Aunt Amara is out to dinner with the group. She wants them to consider going to Bringston University.

Keisha calls Amara’s phone. She is having an emergency at her dance fashion show. One of the dancers can’t perform, so Olivia and Simone are being roped into it.

Olivia and Simone are performing. Damon is interested in Simone. Spencer seems to be into Olivia, as well.

All American
All American — “All American: Homecoming” — Image Number: ALA316b_1327r.jpg — Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia and Geffri Maya as Simone — Photo: Bill Inoshita/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Simone is backstage after the show, and Damon comes over. He tries to apologize to her, and she finally accepts.

Jordan walks up and tries to intimidate Damon. Damon turns around and sees Spencer. He recognizes Spencer from the internet.

Damon’s friend walks over and tells Damon that his college visit has been posted all over the internet.

Damon’s mom shows up at the university. He tells her that she just wanted to be normal for a weekend. She wants to spin this story to make it work for him. He decides to push back.

Amara is in her classroom. Spencer walks in, looking for Olivia and Simone. He realizes that she is working on a college athletics scam story. But what is it?

Olivia and Simone are continuing to tour. Simone is starting to like this place even more. Keisha texts Simone that she is with Spencer and Jordan.

Olivia sounds annoyed that Keisha is already with Spencer. When Simone tells Olivia to do something about her feelings, Olivia tells Simone that she should take some of her own advice.

All American: Homecoming: What is Amara’s story?

Amara runs into the President’s office. She has found out that the baseball head coach has been frauding classes to keep baseball players on the active roster.

The President wants to put this story under the rug, but Amara won’t stand for it.

Damon is still with his mom. She wants him to do an interview. While they are waiting for the interview, they get the news about the coach. This throws Damon’s mom’s plan out the window.

The head coach is packing his office. The assistant coach walks in, angry. Will he take over?

Jordan, Spencer, Olivia, Keisha, and Simone go to a party. Keisha is dancing with Spencer, which makes Olivia uncomfortable. Simone is outside getting some air, and who finds her? Damon.

Damon sees her bracelet and asks her about tennis. One of Damon’s friends comes outside and says that one of his buddies is missing. This calls Damon away.

Spencer runs over to Olivia and asks her to dance, so he doesn’t have to dance with Keisha anymore. They end up kissing.

All American: Homecoming: Will Simone go for what she really wants?

Damon goes to the baseball field to look for his buddy, J.R. The assistant coach is there. He is saying his last goodbyes to the field because the whole staff is being let go.

He tells Damon always to live his life with integrity. Damon realizes that it was the assistant coach that tipped off Amara.

Simone goes back to the tennis court. Thea is there. She compliments Simone then tells her to bring it or don’t play at all.

Amara and Simone are taking one last lap around the campus. Amara tells her one last time to apply. Simone doesn’t want to go that far away, but Amara thinks that she can handle it.

Spencer is out on a run and finds Damon sitting on the bench. Damon asks Spencer about how it felt to take a knee. Damon tells Spencer that the MLB is his mom’s dream.

He then says that he was adopted and that all he knows is that his birth parents went to Bringston. Part of him wants to find them.

Spencer tells him to put himself first when making his decision on the MLB or Bringston.

Damon decides to do a press conference with the University President. Damon takes the microphone. He announces that he will not go to the MLB the following year. He also announces that the assistant coach will become the new head coach. Integrity wins.

After the press conference, Simone sees Damon and congratulates him. She then mentions to him that she is married.

Simone leaves and goes back to Jordan. Jordan can tell that she is happy in Atlanta, but it is killing him on the inside.

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How will this Atlanta trip spill into Beverly? Who will win the state champion? Where will Simone decide to go to school? Leave a comment below.

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