Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 recap: Birth of a Hero

The Bad Batch outside of the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of
The Bad Batch outside of the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of /

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11, “Devil’s Deal,” Clone Force 99 is sent on a mission to help an unusual group. They have no idea what they’ve got into this time.

The Disney Plus show once again ties into the animated Star Wars properties that preceded it. In this episode, we meet characters who were crucial to both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Fans of the universe will immediately recognize the name Syndulla. Cham Syndulla (Robin Atkin Downes) was a great warrior on Ryloth who fought the Separatists any way he could. A difficult man, he eventually warmed to the Jedi and the clone armies he commanded.

Years later, Cham’s daughter, Hera, would lead the Ghost team for the Rebels. She was instrumental in helping bring down the Empire and saving the galaxy. Now we learn their story and what made Hera the hero the galaxy needed.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 – Peace in the Galaxy

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 Recap
Cham Syndulla and others. The Bad Batch. “Devil’s Deal.” Courtesy of /

The Imperial presence on the war-torn planet of Ryloth isn’t welcome by the citizens. No matter how much the leader, Senator Orn Free Taa (Phil LaMarr) tries to convince people otherwise in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11.

It takes a declaration of peace by Cham Syndulla to silence the agitated crowd, much to Taa’s annoyance. But when Cham suggests that all Twi’Leks hand in their weapons and allow the clones to protect the planet, even Cham’s closest allies turn their backs on him.

While Vice Admiral Rampart tries to butter up Taa, Cham and his wife, Eleni (Ferelith Young), have their own problems to deal with. Their daughter, Hera (Vanessa Marshall), is spying on the Imperials, particularly their new mining facilities on Ryloth, that is a bit too well fortified for peace time.

Hera isn’t on her own, she’s got her trusty droid, Chopper, her faithful companion for decades to come, though neither knows that yet. Spying might be pushing it—Hera is more interested in daydreaming about flying than anything else. That’s how she and Chopper get caught.

Captain Howzer is a clone trooper whose inhibitor chip either isn’t working, or he’s just got too close to Cham to see reason. Howzer brings Hera and Chopper back, but he doesn’t report their being in a restricted area to his superiors. That’s very odd behavior.

Turns out Hera didn’t go spying on her own—she was sent by her Uncle Gobi Glie (Corey Burton), and Eleni knew about it. She encourages her young daughter to keep up the good fight, even as Cham tells his daughter otherwise. He wants his daughter to have a better life than he ever did.

It’s no wonder Gobi and Cham don’t see eye-to-eye about the Imperial presence—where Cham sees peace, Gobi sees occupation. Eleni is trying to play the middle ground so she can keep her people safe but still be prepared for the worst. And Hera’s in the middle of it all hoping to make a difference.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 – Another Happy Landing

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 Recap
Omega aboard the Marauder. The Bad Batch. “Devil’s Deal.” Courtesy of /

Hera tries to heed her father’s words in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11. She doesn’t want to live through more war when it does look like peace time is upon them. But when Gobi offers to let Hera fly his ship for a supply run, Hera can’t resist.

Hera’s already an adept pilot but when it comes to landing and takeoff, Gobi tells her to take a backseat—she doesn’t have those skills quite yet.

When they land on a nearby planet, neither Hera nor Gobi knows that Crosshair has planted a tracker on their ship. They blissfully go through their supply run—getting weapons from none other than Clone Force 99.

While the Bad Batch and Gobi exchange pleasantries, Hera asks Omega for a tour of the Marauder. She’s extremely taken with the modified ship and asks Omega all sorts of questions. Omega, ever the friendly host, is cautious but welcoming. And she learns a thing or two about flying from Hera.

But it isn’t just about technical specs with these two—Omega shows Hera her bedroom, which she’s very proud of. Hera is amazed at the prospect of living on a ship—this is the life she wants, and one she’ll get. The Ghost won’t just be her team’s ship, it will be their home for years.

Having made a new friend, Hera and Omega bid each other goodbye as the supply run comes to an end. Hera and her cohorts must return to Ryloth. I wonder if Hera and Omega ever see each other again.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 – It’s Treason, Then

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 Recap
Cham and Eleni Syndulla. The Bad Batch. “Devil’s Deal.” Courtesy of /

The moment Gobi’s ship enters Ryloth airspace in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11, the Imperials are on them. Rampart himself arrests the supply team, and he’s joined by Taa who declares Gobi and Hera traitors to Ryloth. All this without a trial.

Watching all this from afar are fighters close to Cham and Eleni—who immediately inform the Syndullas of their daughter’s fate. With Chopper by their side, Cham and Eleni race to their comrades.

Hera and Gobi are being transported for possible execution—they’re coming up on an area known as the Narrows. Once there, it will be impossible to save them. The Syndullas and their friends hurry to save young Hera from an unjust punishment.

While Cham and the others keep the clones at bay, Eleni takes out a group of clones and commandeers the transport with Hera and Gobi on it. When it looks like Taa, Rampart, and Howzer have nothing to do but fight their way out, Rampart decides to surrender.

Does that sound a bit unlike an Imperial to anyone else? It should. Because Crosshair has been hidden this whole time. One signal from Rampart, and Crosshair takes Taa out. The blame falls on Cham and Eleni, who are arrested by Rampart. This was his plan all along.

As her parents and uncle are taken away, Hera and Chopper make a hasty exit. But where are a child and a droid to go in this mess? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Final Thoughts – Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 is a Fantastic Standalone Offering

I’m beginning to love these standalone episodes! Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 11 had so much of what I love about this format—action, suspense, and a cliffhanger that has me desperate for next week.

It’s great to spend time with characters we already know and love. Hera was always such a powerhouse of a leader in Star Wars Rebels. It’s fascinating to see her here, so young and fanciful, yet to become one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy.

Next week can’t come fast enough. While we know Hera, Chopper, and Cham do survive, as we meet them in Rebels, Eleni and Gobi’s fates are not as certain. How will Hera and Chopper manage to make it through all this on their own?

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