How many episodes will Monsters At Work have?

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Monsters at Work is the latest Disney+ original series to arrive on the streaming service. The animated Pixar show is a direct sequel to the original 2001 movie, Monsters Inc., with many characters from the film returning, including Mike and Sulley.

At the end of Monsters Inc., the company changed its mission to harvesting laughter instead of scares. The show picks up immediately after this change to see how it’s being implemented within the company. Instead of working on a Scare Floor, the monsters now work on the Laugh Floor,

In the series, Sulley and Mike have moved into corporate positions while the new main character, Tylor, is excited to start his dream job at Monsters Incorporated. He arrives at the company fresh from graduating and intends to follow his dreams of being a top Scarer, just like Sulley. But once Tylor realizes that the company’s agenda has changed, he has to adapt to the new rules.

He’s temporarily reassigned to MIFT, Monster’s Inc. Facilities Team, where he’ll work with a crew of vibrant, unorthodox characters to do maintenance work while he learns how to be a Jokester, instead of a Scarer.

How many episodes will Monsters At Work have?

The Disney+ fact sheet for Monsters at Work and the series IMDb page both report that the animated sequel series will consist of 10 episodes during its first season. That means, as of today, there are still seven remaining episodes to enjoy before the first season of the show wraps. We do not yet know if Monsters at Work will return for a second season.

However, given the nature of this workplace comedy, it has a lot of room to grow and expand, so I could see Disney+ renewing it as long as it performs well on the streaming service.

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New episodes of Monsters at Work air weekly on Wednesdays through Disney+.