Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 recap: Family matters

The Bad Batch with Hera Syndulla. "Rescue on Ryloth." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
The Bad Batch with Hera Syndulla. "Rescue on Ryloth." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12, “Rescue on Ryloth,” Clone Force 99 find themselves well out of their comfort zone when they’re tasked with another rescue. And this time, it looks like an impossible feat to pull off.

This is the first two-part story arc of the Disney Plus show, and it works well. Both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels had frequent multi-part arcs, giving audiences more time to spend with characters and settings.

Granted, The Bad Batch has been setting up a whole new group dynamic, so there hasn’t been time for longer plots. But the main characters are all but settled now, giving plenty of room for the plot to expand.

And that’s exactly what this episode does. Taking off from the previous episode’s events, we see how Hera Syndulla, future hero of the Rebellion, attempts to rescue her parents and save her people from Imperial clutches.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 – What soldiers do

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 Recap
Eleni and Cham Syndulla with Gobi Glie. “Rescue on Ryloth.” The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

As brave as Hera is, and as much faith as her parents have in her, one young girl and her trusty droid, Chopper, can’t go up against Admiral Rampart and Crosshair. Hera does the next best thing in her arsenal in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12—she calls Omega for help.

Omega is ready for action—she and Hera made an immediate connection, and Omega is champing at the bit to help her friend. The rest of Clone Force 99? Not so much.

Now that they’re mercenaries on the run from the Empire, Hunter isn’t keen on gallivanting around the galaxy, trying to rescue anyone who asks. Even though, as Omega reminds him and the others, that’s exactly what soldiers are supposed to do.

It looks like the Bad Batch has got a bit too comfortable being paid for jobs—they’ve stopped thinking for themselves. Omega isn’t just the voice of reason here—she’s the one who knows how this team works and what’s best for them.

The Bad Batch heads back to Ryloth, where Hera updates them about the circumstances. Rampart is pretty much in charge now. Cham’s trusted clone general, Howzer, is by Rampart’s side, albeit unwillingly.

Hera’s parents, Cham and Eleni, have been framed for the assassination attempt on Senator Orn Free Taa, the leader of Ryloth. Of course, anybody who knows the Syndullas can see the set-up from a mile away, so Rampart is also having them rounded up.

In the midst of all this is young Hera, desperate to save her parents at any cost and braver than she has any right to be at her age. But when Clone Force 99 has second thoughts about the rescue mission, Hera is disconsolate. They were supposed to help her, but Hera’s as alone as she was at the start.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 – Being Strategic

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 Recap
Hera with the Bad Batch in the Marauder. “Rescue on Ryloth.” The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

Omega knows her team. But more importantly, she knows her brothers well. So when it comes to giving her new friend hope in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12, Omega has a plan.

Clone Force 99 are soldiers—they’re used to planning and strategizing before undertaking a mission. The reason why Hera’s rescue request is turned down is that there’s no backing for it. So, Omega suggests that she and Hera strategize a plan and then propose it to the Bad Batch.

Which is exactly what Hera does. Ryloth is her home, and she knows it best. Hera also knows what the Imperial presence is and how they can exploit it. Hera’s been spying on the Imperial refinery, and she knows what they need to do to blow it up and cause a big enough distraction to cover their rescue attempt.

The Rebellion leader in the making convinces Clone Force 99 with her well-laid plan, and they get to work. Hera, Omega, and Chopper will cover the refinery entrance gates. Tech and Echo will organize escape routes. The rest of the team will scale the walls and free the prisoners.

The plan goes off the rails when Chopper is caught, but Hera and Omega steal a ship and blow up the refinery, causing a major distraction. Just what the team needs to mount a rescue.

But freeing the captive Twi’Leks is only part of the job—they need to get off the planet, as well. That’s made much harder when Howzer appears and informs the rescue team that an ambush is waiting for them.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 – Escape from Ryloth

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 Recap
Clone trooper Howzer. “Rescue on Ryloth.” The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

Howzer hasn’t reacted to Order 66 like the other clones in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12. Either his chip is defective, or he was one of the rare clones to have it removed, but he is still loyal to the Syndullas and the people of Ryloth.

At this final hurdle, he tells the rescue party to take another route off the planet while distracting the troops. Howzer asks his fellow brothers whether they really want to work for the Empire and continue subjugating the people of Ryloth.

The clones spent years fighting the Separatists for peace on Ryloth—they’ve too easily swapped the Separatists for the Empire. It’s time to take a stand.

Surprisingly, some of Howzer’s troops join him. But the others side with the Imperial Stormtroopers and arrest Howzer and his allies at Crosshair’s command. At least Howzer wasn’t killed.

With the Syndullas safe and on their way to fight a new war, Omega and Hera share a difficult goodbye. They’ve become fast friends and inspired each other. We’ve already seen hallmarks of Hera the hero in this two-parter, partly thanks to Omega.

For Omega, this is a tough goodbye. We’ve seen her imprint on pretty much anybody and everybody around her, but Hera seemed special. They connected not just as younglings but as strategic minds determined to achieve the same goal. The children aren’t the only ones shedding tears as Hera’s ship departs.

Back on Ryloth, Crosshair reminds Rampart that his brothers in Clone Force 99 are not to be trifled with. They’re a thorn in their side, and Rampart has ignored them for too long. Crosshair wants permission to hunt them down, as he has asked often before. This time, Rampart agrees.

Final Thoughts – Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12 was exhilarating and emotional

I enjoyed all the characterizations in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 12. I particularly loved seeing how Hera Syndulla always had the workings of a great leader.

Hera and Omega’s brief friendship was wonderful to see, but I can’t help but wonder what happens to Omega after The Bad Batch. We don’t see her in Star Wars Rebels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is destined for terrible things. Maybe she goes into hiding somewhere?

We only have a handful of episodes left this season, and I’m curious to see where it goes. We’ve hopped around the galaxy, evaded a few bounty hunters, had the Imperials on our tail. What next for the Bad Batch?

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