Tuca and Bertie Season 2, Episode 6 recap: The Moss

Tuca & Bertie key art - Courtesy of Warner Bros. TV / Adult Swim
Tuca & Bertie key art - Courtesy of Warner Bros. TV / Adult Swim /

Tuca, Bertie, Speckle, Draca, Dapper Dog, Bruce, and all the other tenants inside the apartment building we’ve all grown so fond of might be in serious trouble. In Tuca and Bertie Season 2, Episode 6, “The Moss,” a new landlord takes hold of the building, hiking the rent, banning pets, and ruining the vibe.

Who is this landlord? Well, as the episode title suggests, it’s moss. Yes, moss has choked out the building and communicates via an intermediary. But moss doesn’t have a soul! You can’t appeal to it with emotion. Once Tuca realizes what’s happening in the building, including Draca having to get rid of her beloved Jaguar and turtles (don’t worry, she sneaks them back in to hide in her bathroom!), she goes to her crazy brother and sisters, Mayors Tim-Tam, to get advice.

While Tim and Tam are brawling in their office (they don’t get along, and every action one takes is canceled out by the other, they’re neutral mayors who don’t accomplish anything!), Tam reveals that Tuca could save her building by proving historical significance.

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Back at the building, Tuca seeks out the assistance of Dapper Dog, who has lived in the building longer than anyone. He recalls that the famous horror writer Patricia Ramsey once lived in the building. Sadly, she’s dead now, so they can’t consult her to find out if she did anything worthwhile living here, or can they?

Tuca consults one of the cactus teens (who is obsessed with Bertie, to the point of having posters and merchandise of her all over her room) for assistance. Apart from her love of Bertie, she’s also a fan of creepy stuff and drawing plantagrams on everything. With her help, they summon Patricia’s ghost from Hell (don’t worry, Hell is terrifying, and Patricia loves it!). Patricia reveals she wrote her first novel on the walls of her apartment, which is now Tuca’s apartment.

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Since the writing is literally on the wall, Tuca’s apartment is saved from the rent increase. Unfortunately, that same rule doesn’t apply to the other places in the apartment. Initially, Tuca is content just having her own place, but Bertie and another visit from Patricia’s ghost make her realize she should try to save everyone.

Tuca gives an impassioned speech to the chicken who helps run the apartment, and while she’s moved, none of it is enough to convince the moss since moss has no heart or emotions. It’s moss! The end of this episode is quite a downer as Dapper Dog is left performing his one-man play in the park for cash, the cactus family moves out, Bruce moves out, and even Bertie asks Tuca if she can move in with her for now.

Tuca and Bertie Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Bertie gives Speckle creative freedom building their house

Speckle feels creatively stunted at work because he’s forced to change his grand design in favor of what the client wants, even if what they want is ugly or ruins the aesthetic. To cheer him up, Bertie recommends he do whatever he wants with the house he’s trying to fix for them.

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But having full creative freedom makes Speckle go a little insane as he tries to combine literally every creative idea he’s ever had into one house, including a glass toilet. Bertie eventually confronts him about this and that he might have gotten out of control, especially as she doesn’t like most of his crazy, clashing decor.

Realizing he might need some restraint, Speckle returns to Bertie and suggests they make decisions together, starting with a doorknob he allows Bertie to choose. The doorknob she selects is apparently only available to get from somewhere super far away, so Speckle hops in a cab and heads off to retrieve it.

In the meantime, I guess Bertie will be living with Tuca! It’ll be interesting to see how that works out for the two of them. We haven’t really seen what it’s like for Tuca and Bertie to live together since the pilot episode started with Tuca moving out. I also get the feeling that Bertie is still uneasy about moving into a house with Speckle giving the way she walks past it with an anxious expression on her face and mentions to Speckle that she would live in the apartment “forever.”

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