Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 6 recap: My 3 Dads

In the previous episode of Motherland: Fort Salem, Tally has been given something to sever her ties with Alder permanently. But does Tally already know too much?

Episode 6 begins with a witch saying an incantation and making a potion. It is the Spree. Jonas is also there.

Raelle and Tally are walking around near Raelle’s home. Raelle doesn’t want Tally to say anything about what is going on in the witch world.

Abigail and Adil are by Abigail’s house. They need to get her cousin Charvel’s blood.

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 6: How will these girls survive their family visits?

When Abigail arrives at her house, her fathers are waiting there for her. They want her to choose a husband, so many men will be at the house this week.

Apparently, Abigail has 3 fathers. Which Gregorio says is common for witches of this caliber.

Raelle’s father is recounting the story about when Raelle was born. Raelle gets up, and the news is recounting the events in India, and they are not holding back on the Camarilla reemerging.

Scylla is still sneaking around. She is walking into a house. There has been a double murder in the house. It is Tiffany’s parents.

Anacostia and Scylla still have Tiffany. They now have to decide what to do with her. Scylla knocked out Anacostia and asks Tiffany to go with her.

Tally and Raelle are at her dad’s house. They notice that a van has been following them. Raelle and Tally approach the van. It is military personal there to protect Raelle.

2 of Abigail’s fathers come into her room. They are pressuring her into having a baby and to keep an open mind about their “men” event.

Anacostia goes back to Alder. Scylla has taken Tiffany. Alder has now taken Anacostia out of the field because the Camarilla knows who she is now.

Raelle and Tally walk into the barn. A woman is performing witchcraft. It is Willa’s friend, Quinn.

As Raelle tells her the story about summoning her mother, Quinn lets out that they must appear if the dead are requested on Fort Salem. Raelle and Tally brush this comment off, but Quinn didn’t take it lightly.

Adil is talking to Abigail’s fathers. The general used all three men to make Abigail. They are trying to vet Adil and what he has to bring to the table.

Petra walks in to talk to the room. Abigail’s grandma walks in behind her. Everyone stands up.

Scylla has taken Tiffany back to Willa. She wants to know where the Camarilla took Tiffany.

Willa can look into her mind and figure out more clues about where the young witches are being held. It is a vet’s office.

Motherland: Fort Salem

MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM – “My 3 Dads” – Raelle brings Tally home to the Cession. Adil accompanies Abigail home. This episode of “Motherland: Fort Salem” airs Tuesday, July 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/Jeff Petry)

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 6: Tally puts some pieces together.

Raelle is talking to Quinn about the day her mother died. Quinn mentions something about bottles that piques Tally’s interest. Tally asks more questions, but the girls are told to go to bed.

Tally realizes that the years in the story line up with the possibility of Nicte creating The Spree.

We go back to Jonas and the witches from the beginning of the story. The witch that is working with him is Nicte.

Raelle and Tally try to call Abigail, but there is no answer.

At Abigail’s, the other guys are sizing up Adil. Abigail, her mother, and grandmother are talking about who Abigail is going to pick.

Abigail pushes back and says that she doesn’t want to pick. She wants to fight. Her grandmother steps in and tells her to make her mark on the world.

After Abigail brings Adil to Charvel’s burial site, he can take some of her blood.

Raelle is talking to her father and finally tells him that the night her mother left, Raellle fought with her.

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2, Episode 6: Nicte’s revenge.

Nicte is watching a video of Alder at a lab and is getting emotional.

Alder is in the lab. Izadora is showing her what attacked the train. This creature can keep feeding and eating things for as long as it wants.

Alder wants Izadora to find a way to kill it.

Nicte is going to pour hot metal down Jonas’s throat. Alder feels something has to her own throat. She is burning like Jonas is.

Scylla tries to enter the vet lab disguised as Camarilla, but they figure out she is a witch. No worries, Willa is there to back her up.

Alder is somehow still alive from her attack, but her throat and biddies are in a lot of pain. They know it has to be The Spree.

Willa and Scylla get into the vet lab but cannot find the girls. They move a bookshelf, and it gives them access to another room. The girls have already been moved.

Raelle goes outside and hands her security detail hot chocolate.

Willa and Scylla uncover Raelle’s picture in the vet lab. The lights by Raelle’s house go off. Raelle and Tally have been hit with tranquilizers. The Camarilla has taken Raelle.

What will the Camarilla do with Raelle? Will Willa come to her rescue? What do you think? Leave a comment below. 

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