Top 5 moments from The Walking Dead Season 11 trailer

Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /
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Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

Season 11 trailer moment: The Commonwealth Confirmed

Even though many saw it coming, the trailer officially confirmed that Eugene and company are indeed at The Commonwealth. But is their situation even more critical than fans expected?

Well, none of them look all too happy to be there and the methods of the soldiers seem a little less than questionable at the moment. There is no denying that there were some serious Terminus vibes coming from the Season 11 trailer.

For one, both locations sound like promising places to live, whether it be the radio message of Terminus or Stephanie’s description of Eugene. Both tend to appear very appealing to outsiders looking for refuge but both may be nothing more than smoke and mirrors as Rick and the group learned the hard way many seasons ago.

But just because things look bleak for them now doesn’t mean things won’t get better, right? Right?

For now, fans can speculate if The Commonwealth will still be a future residence for our heroes even if it does come off a little off-putting and dangerous at the moment. After all, we do see Yumiko wearing soldier armor.

Season 11 trailer moment: Connie

Connie is alive but for how long? The trailer provided glimpses of her current predicament and they are not looking good.

It appears as though she is still with Virgil, who last we saw found her alive and presumably rescued her. But the two may be on the defensive against some murderous folk.

Is it The Reapers or someone else we aren’t expecting? If there is one thing we know about Connie is that she is a fighter.

She survived countless close calls against walkers, Whisperers, and even a cave collapsing. She’s tougher than she appears and should be able to get out alive.

Hopefully, she will manage to reunite with Kelly, Daryl, and the rest of the group as well before the season is over. We could really use a happy reunion.

As for Virgil we still don’t know much about him. Hopefully, he proves himself to be a powerful ally for Connie.