Home Before Dark Season 2, Episode 9 recap: The Liskos take a stand against Strata

Kylie Rogers in “Home Before Dark,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Kylie Rogers in “Home Before Dark,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Tragedy strikes the Liskos in Home Before Dark Season 2, Episode 9. Sly succumbs to his illness in this somber penultimate episode of the show’s sophomore season. The bulk of “The Biggest Life” revolves around the Liskos mourning Sly’s loss. Hilde delivers a beautiful, touching eulogy at his funeral.

Sly’s death also motivates the entire family to push back against Strata. After releasing that explosive video at the end of the previous episode, the company has taken legal action against Hilde. Apart from shutting down The Magic Hour Chronicle, they serve her with papers and intend to sue the family for all they’re worth if they don’t agree to settle privately.

Matt,  Hilde, and even Izzy are all ready to fight the company. As the family’s attorney, Bridget meets with them face-to-face to see what their options are. While she wants to support her family, it’s obvious she’s also worried about what could happen if they don’t agree to settle out of court. They could lose everything they have in legal fees.

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But the biggest shock of the episode comes at the end. Matt’s source locates the other guy in the video alongside Hank Gillis. He and Hilde travel to Vancouver to chat with him, as he could prove to be an eyewitness in the case against Strata. When they get there, Matt is greeted by a young boy who says his grandpa has passed away. However, he tells Matt he can get his dad. And guess who his dad is? None other than Richie Fife!

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Alexa Mansour and Rio Mangini in “Home Before Dark,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Home Before Dark Season 2, Episode 9 recap: Is this the end of Ethan and Izzy?

Even though Hilde isn’t allowed to post on her website anymore, she and her friends make a physical newsletter to inform everyone about how Strata poisoned their workers, resulting in her grandfather’s death. Izzy assists her sister in passing it around the school. She also organizes a schoolwide walkout in protest of Strata.

Later, Ethan tells Izzy that Strata laid off his mom after Ethan sent those files containing the video. At his house, she even tells Izzy that she and other people in town are having a hard time dealing with the Liskos attacking Strata since they think Strata built this town. But does she not care that they’ve been poisoning people?

Izzy asks Ethan how he feels about everything. He’s conflicted, as he’s worried about his mother. But in contrast, Emma is extremely supportive of Izzy and her family. She even wishes that her parents were as willing to fight against evil corporations as Izzy’s family is. I wonder if Izzy and Ethan will break up over this.

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Jim Sturgess and Brooklynn Prince in “Home Before Dark,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Home Before Dark Season 2, Episode 9 recap: Frank catches Rutherford dealing with Strata

On Trip’s orders, Frank does some spying to see if he can check Strata’s muscle in the act of harassing Junior. Instead, Frank catches him conducting some sort of shady deal with Rutherford. It seemed obvious Rutherford was dirty from the beginning, but not Frank has photographic evidence.

Trip uses it to stand up to Rutherford in front of the whole office when he hands her his report, which is negative, of course. She earns the respect of all the officers as they applaud her for criticizing Rutherford and his constant criticism.

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The Home Before Dark Season 2 finale premieres next Friday on Apple TV+.