Schmigadoon! Season 1, Episode 6 recap: How We Change

Episode 5. Keegan-Michael Key and Ariana DeBose in “Schmigadoon!” now streaming now on Apple TV+.
Episode 5. Keegan-Michael Key and Ariana DeBose in “Schmigadoon!” now streaming now on Apple TV+. /

Schmigadoon! Season 1 wraps its final season with a touching final episode devoid of any snark or cynicism. The final installment, “How We Change,” dropped yesterday on Apple TV+ and was a lovely ending for the show, and potentially series. As of yet, Apple TV+ has not renewed Schmigadoon! for another season yet and if they do, it’s not really clear how the story would continue (anthology?).

The episode begins with Josh coaxing Carson down from a tree where he has opted to hide out after finding out Emma has been lying to him all along about being his mother. Josh manages to make Josh realize that Emma loves him and only lied because she thought she was protecting him from the townsfolk.

Josh helps Carson and Emma make amends and together the trio plans to cross the bridge and leave for New York. But then Josh and Emma realize that Josh is still in love with Melissa.

Across town, Melissa is asleep on the roadside where Berky left her. Jorge and his mother find her and Jorge’s mom is the first to notice that Melissa isn’t in love with Jorge. She rushes back to town where Josh and Melissa finally reunite with a touching song. Yes, Josh finally sings (“You Make Me Wanna Sing”)!

Schmigadoon! Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Melissa & Josh try crossing the bridge again

The pair reunites in the middle of the mayoral election where it looks like Mildred is going to win. But Josh and Melissa’s reconciliation motivates them to encourage change throughout the town. When Mildred lashes out at the sinning “cityfolk,” Emma defends Josh and says they’ve helped change Schmigadoon for the better.

Slowly, all the townsfolk reveal secrets they’ve been hiding. Even Mildred’s husband Howard comes out and admits he’s in love with Aloysius. As more people realize they’ve been holding in secrets for too long, Mildred cries out in fury and frustration. Aloysius wins the election in a landslide.

In the end, Melissa extends a helping hand to Mildred, offering an opportunity to embrace change and become someone new instead of the judgmental jerk she’s been until now. Mildred gratefully accepts the opportunity and the town bands together to see Josh and Melissa over the bridge (“How We Change/Finale”).

As for whether they actually make it back to reality, the show doesn’t tell us but I think we can assume this ending is a happy one.

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