Netflix’s Fatma Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Dust

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In Episode 2 of the Turkish-produced Netflix series Fatma Season 1 we were introduced to a cleaning lady named Fatma Yilmaz (Burcu Biricik). While looking for her husband, Zafer, Fatma ends up killing a gangster named Sevket (Kubilay Tunçer), out of fear that he might attack her, or worse. By episode 2, she has evaded police simply by being invisible to them as a suspect. In fact, authorities barely even acknowledge her presence. As episode 2 progresses, we are introduced to Fatma’s sister, Emine (Hazal Türesan), who initially is noticeably avoided by Fatma.

Like many others, Emine doesn’t seem very concerned that Zafer’s missing. Emine also disrespects Fatma’s work and doesn’t seem to know about Sevket’s death, or about her burgeoning criminal relationship with Bayram (Mehmet Yılmaz Ak). Fatma also keeps getting mysterious phone calls that she thinks could be Zafer. Anyway, Bayram blames Fatma for pushing a blackmailer (Emre Erçil) into an oncoming train. Regarding her as a skilled assassin, he mentions Ekber (Burhan Öçal), who owns the food court, as a target for another assassination.

Fatma Season 1, Episode 2: Fatma the assassin

Bayram says Fatma is invisible to investigators, which means she is valuable in getting away with murder. Therefore, he wants Fatma to leave poisoned drugs for Ekber. After Bayram and his associates leave, Kadriye (Gulcin Kultur Sahin) shows up wanting to know who they were. Not only is she nosy, but she’s planning to sell Fatma’s place. It’s immediately implied that, somehow, someway, maybe she’ll end up a target of Fatma’s burgeoning murder lifestyle.

Kadriye also sees the bag containing poisoned powder but, at least for now, doesn’t know what it is. Bayram himself grows curious about Fatma’s personal problems, too. It’s all starting to get to Fatma, who is not a natural-born killer. In fact, when Fatma’s author pal, Yazar (Uğur Yücel), reveals he’s writing a book about a cleaning lady who kills an author, it proves too true-to-life. Fatma seems to feel very sickened by it all in the following scene.

Fatma Season 1, Episode 2: İsmail messes around and finds out

İsmail (Deniz Hamzaoğlu) agrees with Kadriye about selling Fatma’s place, making her vulnerable to his advances, implying he’ll postpone his plans if she’ll do sexual favors. Fatma has more problems at work, too, when authorities ask her about some security camera footage. However, oddly, it turns out they’re actually asking about some incident with 2 immigrants. It’s likely Fatma genuinely knows nothing about it. However, it does indicate that police still know about her existence, suggesting she’s not truly invisible to them.

Later, an unknown woman goes to the police about Fatma’s asking for Sevket’s address. However, the dominos haven’t quite fallen yet. In fact, when she thinks she’s getting arrested and presents her arms for cuffs, she is ignored. In this episode, it also ends up that Fatma pushed İsmail off of a building under construction after she rejected his perverted advances. Also, İsmail was the one continually calling her, giving her false hope it was Zafer!

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