Heels STARZ: Allen Maldonado & James Harrison reveal their go-to karaoke songs

Heels - Courtesy of Quantrell Colbert/Starz
Heels - Courtesy of Quantrell Colbert/Starz /

A brand new episode of Heels STARZ airs tonight on STARZ. In it, we find out that Allen Maldonado’s character, Rooster, has a side hustle where he works at a karaoke bar. We had a fun chat with Allen and his co-star James Harrison (Apocalypse) about what their go-to karaoke music would be (and their character’s song choices, too!).

Plus, we also chatted with the two stars about what we can expect from their characters as the season progresses. Will we learn more about their lives outside of the DWL? Find out below!

Chatting with Heels STARZ actors Allen Maldonado & James Harrison

In the first four episodes of the show, we don’t see your character’s exterior lives quite as much, is that something we’ll see as the season progresses and if not, something you’ve given thought to?

Allen Maldonado: Yeah you’re definitely going to see more and more of what goes on outside of the ring as the season goes on. But yeah, most of our storyline is built around the league and the challenges we’re enduring within the league, but you get a taste of what we’re doing outside, especially me, I’ve got four or five jobs

James Harrison: You get a taste of what Allen’s character Rooster is doing, as far as my character Apocalypse, if you watched the first four episodes then you have just as much knowledge as I do of my character.

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Heels – Courtesy of Quantrell Colbert/Starz /

Heels STARZ: What music would Apocalypse and Rooster jam out to at the karaoke bar?

Allen: Wow, what a great question. Now I’ve shut down many karaoke bars with Ginuwine’s “Pony.” [Laughs]

James: Yeah, because everybody ain’t want to hear that!

Allen: Let me get up there and get the Ginuwine, sliding and dancing, popping and locking, come on man! I’m a show, baby. I think Rooster’s would be a little more tame. What are we going to do? We’re going to do Dru Hill “End of My Bed.”

James: Stop it. He wants to be like a playboy, R&B, I don’t know what it is. I’m more of an old soul I’m going to jump in that thing with some Luther.

Allen: [Laughs] Every 5 a.m. on the dot, some Luther coming on, Teddy Pendergrass, some Whispers.

James: You already know! Al Green. All that’s coming on.

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New episodes of Heels STARZ air Sunday nights.