Watch Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 6 tonight: August 27, 2021

Jeremy Swift in “Ted Lasso” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.
Jeremy Swift in “Ted Lasso” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Here’s here, he’s there, he’s every-f**king-where! Roy Kent is back at AFC Richmond in a big way, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Ted Lasso Season 2 has in store! Keep reading to get all the details about the new episode airing tonight exclusively on Apple TV+.

Spoiler warning: The following article contains spoilers for previous episodes of Ted Lasso Season 2.

In last week’s episode, Roy returned to AFC Richmond to coach, a move that the show has clearly been building to ever since Roy announced his retirement. This week, we’ll get to see what happens when Roy steps onto the field as a coach. I’m guessing some angry sparks will fly between him and Jamie, given their new power imbalance.

If you want to watch Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 6, “The Signal,” you will need to have a subscription to Apple TV+ as that is the only way to watch the show. The new episode drops tonight at midnight, specifically on Friday, August 27, 2021.

Ted Lasso Season 2
Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in “Ted Lasso” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+. /

What is Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 6 about?

The main plot of this week’s episode will be how Roy works on the team and with the other coaches. AFC Richmond has four coaches now between Ted, Coach Beard, and Nate. Based on Nate’s worried expression at the end of the previous episode, I wonder if there might be some conflict between him and Roy, in the sense that Nate could get pushed out or become an unnecessary addition.

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However, according to the official episode synopsis, things are working well between the coaches. But will it be enough for AFC Richmond to win the quarterfinals? You’ll have to tune in tonight to find out! Elsewhere, we still need to know if that Bantr conversation was between Rebecca and Ted!

Watch Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 6

Date: August 27, 2021
Airtime: 12:00 a.m. ET
Episode: Season 2, Episode 6, “The Signal”
Channel: Apple TV+

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