Watch A.P. Bio Season 4 tonight: September 2, 2021

A.P. Bio - Courtesy of Peacock
A.P. Bio - Courtesy of Peacock /

Okay, everyone, start shutting up now. Great news for A.P. Bio fans! The show is finally back tonight for its fourth season! All eight episodes of A.P. Bio Season 4 drop on Peacock on September 2, 2021. Keep reading for all the details you need to watch the new season as soon as it drops and learn what you can expect!

What’s great about the show being on Peacock is that the seasons are now dropping in full, so we don’t have to wait for week-to-week like we did when the series was still airing on NBC.

For those who need a refresher or who might be new to the series, A.P. Bio is about a former Harvard scholar named Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton of Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame) who returns to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, after losing out on his dream job.

Throughout the first three seasons, we see Jack’s goals change as he starts to find himself genuinely enjoying his weird bunch of gifted misfits, friends, and even finding romance. Despite his claims that he’ll leave Toledo the moment he can, it would appear that ol’ Jack’s heart is softening and leaving Toledo might not be his endgame after all.

Apart from Howerton, the series stars Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin, Patton Oswalt as Principal Ralph Durbin, Mary Sohn as Mary Wagner, Lyric Lewis as Stef Duncan, Jean Villepique as Michelle Jones and Paula Pell as Helen Henry Demarcus.

A.P. Bio Season 4 will also feature a special guest appearance by Bruce Campbell!

What is A.P. Bio Season 4 about?

We have the official synopsis shared by Peacock so you can get a taste of what to expect from the show’s next eight episodes:

"When disgraced Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin loses out on his dream job, he is forced to return to Toledo, Ohio, and work as a high school advanced placement biology teacher. As he comes crashing into Whitlock High School, Jack makes it absolutely clear that he will not be teaching any biology. Realizing he has a roomful of honor roll students at his disposal, Jack decides instead to use the kids’ brainpower for his own benefit. Over time, his students help him realize his dream job might actually be the one he has right now. Eager to prove that he is still king of the castle, Principal Durbin struggles to control the force of nature that is Jack Griffin."

A.P. Bio Season 4
A.P. Bio Season 4 – Courtesy of Peacock /

How to watch A.P. Bio Season 4

All eight episodes of the zany sitcom will release at one time. As for what time the show will be out, I’m not entirely sure of the timeframe for Peacock releases, but I believe it is at 12:00 a.m. ET. If not, then it should come out at 3:00 a.m. ET, similar to Netflix.

The good news is that you can watch them in succession or binge the series to your heart’s content. The first three seasons are already available to watch at any time on Peacock.

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