See Season 2 interview: Christian Carmago talks about his surprise return

Christian Camargo in “See,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Christian Camargo in “See,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for See Season 2.

The epic post-apocalyptic Apple TV+ series See has returned for its sophomore season, and the world has expanded with more action, drama, and intensity than before. One of the biggest shocks in See Season 2 happened in the second episode when a character we all thought dead suddenly returned.

Tamacti Jun was a formidable antagonist in the show’s first season, but as he returns in See Season 2, we soon learn that Tamacti is now on a much different journey. His goals even align with Baba Voss, at least for the time being, creating an unexpected, if tentative, alliance.

We had the chance to chat with Christian Carmago, who plays Tamacti Jun in the series, about his big return and what we can expect from his character’s journey this season.

See Season 2: Christian Carmago talks about his surprise return as Tamacti Jun

Show Snob: Did you know that your character was going to return when you were first supposedly killed off in the first season of See?

Christian Carmago: No, I originally signed on for one season, so that was a surprise to me, too.

Show Snob: What was your first reaction when you found out that you were coming back and how he was coming back?

Christian Carmago: I didn’t know how it would happen because he’s such an extreme character and a real antagonistic attack dog, and for him to come back as regretful [and] disillusioned was such a flip from where he was. It took me a second to wrap my head around it.

But from an acting standpoint, it’s a huge challenge and a lot of fun to play a completely different side of this guy. He has a huge journey as a character, so that’s really this whole season, is whether he rises like the phoenix from the ash or he succumbs to all of his bad timing.

Show Snob: It’s interesting because his relationship with Baba Voss has changed now, at least based on the first episode. What was it like working with Jason Momoa under this different capacity where you guys are sort of on the same team?

Christian Carmago: It was a bit Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It felt a little bit like two opposites coming together. We are very different as people, as well, so it was this really interesting combination. But it works because they’re so different.

If they were a bit similar, it would be strange. It was fun. It was collaborative. Jason was very generous and also very clear about the volley. Who has the power at this moment? Who doesn’t? Who’s got the upper hand? Whose got the information? The tasks were very clear in John Tropper’s script and everything.

Show Snob: It’s funny because I didn’t actually recognize you when I first watched the show. It wasn’t until I looked on IMDb later I was like, oh my gosh, you were on Dexter and Penny Dreadful, and so I’m curious what’s it like to get into this character because it’s such a different look for you compared to some of the other roles you’ve played.

Christian Carmago: Well, first of all, thank you, that’s one of the best compliments. I love when people don’t recognize me in something. Of course, it doesn’t help my career, but that’s fine! [Laughs] I love disappearing into a character.

I honestly don’t know how I got hired for this part because I don’t fit it on paper, but the producers gave me such latitude to create this character. From his voice to the prosthetics and special effects department, we came up with how his face would look, and I worked with Trish Summerville on his costumes. It’s such a collaborative effort, and it really helped cement who he was, this powerful, bleak, larger-than-life character.

It is super rare to get that time and attention for a character, and I love that. I did that a little with Penny Dreadful, too, when [Dracula] was playing this goofy professor, and with Dexter, I was able to really push that into a fun kind of antagonist. I really love when producers let me play, and this show really lets me play.

See Season 2
Joe Strechay behind the scenes of See Season 2 – Courtesy of Apple /

Show Snob: Along those lines, you’re doing all of this choreography as a sighted character even though your character is blind. Can you talk a little bit about that experience?

Christian Carmago: Luckily, we have Joe Strechay. He’s wonderful. The powers at be realized how important it is to have someone like him around. We still are in a visual medium, so sometimes that does feel awkward in some ways, but you have to get around it and exercise that muscle.

I feel fortunate to be in the first season because we had a month to get into character with training and everything else, whereas guest stars now, people coming in now, don’t have quite the prep time we had.

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It really is an exercise: what is it to lead with your ear instead of your eyes? What does it smell like? Taste like? Where does the energy come from? It’s not “how do I play a blind person,” because that’s not what it is. It’s more like tricking the viewer into believing I’m sightless, but I’m actually playing something else.

Show Snob: Is there anything you can tease for fans to expect from Tamacti Jun’s return in See Season 2?

Christian Carmago: Well, he died last season, and this season, we’re going to think that he almost died a few times. [Laughs] Get ready. You can pick your episode. I think there should be a little betting match! A lot of it is because of his own decisions, not because of others. It’s whether he wants to stay alive now. I think it’s more of the internal struggle that we’re going to watch now.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

New episodes of See Season 2 stream Fridays on Apple TV+.