Downton Abbey and 6 award-winning, cozy autumn shows

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Downton Abbey — Courtesy of BritBox

Are you looking for cozy autumn shows and autumnal series? Here are six award-winning shows with fall vibes to get you in the mood for the season.

While it’s not technically autumn just yet, most fall enthusiasts like to get in the spirit of the season as soon as it turns September. And why shouldn’t we? Fall is such a cozy time of year that it’s no wonder you’re in search of some cozy autumn shows to relax to or binge!

Not only have we created a list of shows with fall vibes to create that spirit, but every show on this list is award-winning, meaning there is a good chance you’ll find tons to enjoy in each autumnal series listed below!

6. The Good Wife

The Good Wife is one of the last shows from the golden era of network television. Nowadays, the majority of the best television is found on streaming. Something about watching The Good Wife reminds me of the days when I anxiously looked forward to the fall television season because it meant a crop of new and returning shows were about to start airing throughout the week.

The television landscape has changed quite a bit since The Good Wife wrapped, but it still keeps those vibes alive. Plus, there are several Thanksgiving episodes that really hone in on the autumnal series feeling we’re trying to create. The show also garnered countless nominations and awards during its time on the air.

The Good Wife is available to stream on Paramount+.

5. Downton Abbey

What’s better than seeing 20th century London during the fall? While Downton Abbey is not technically a strict show with fall vibes, it has that sense of comfort and coziness we all search for during this season.

If you search the show with the phrase “autumn,” you’ll see that lots of creators have made fall-based palettes from the show’s color scheme and appreciate how the series reminds them of when they binge-watched it for the first time while curled up with a cup of tea and some snacks in front of a roaring fire. Fall is the perfect time of year for your annual Downton Abbey rewatch, and some episodes take place during the autumn!

As for awards, Downton Abbey has won numerous throughout its run, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Film, a BAFTA, and a Primetime Emmy.

Downton Abbey is available to stream on Netflix, Peacock, BritBox, and Amazon Prime Video.

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