American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 recap: Blood Buffet

American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Denis O’Hare as Holden. CR: FX.
American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Denis O’Hare as Holden. CR: FX. /

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 dives into the history of Provincetown during this week’s episode, and it’s rather underwhelming. I want so very much to enjoy this series, and while this season was off to a good start, we’re veering back towards the mundane, overly strange storylines.

I know there is so much potential with Ryan Murphy’s stories here, but I just can’t seem to get myself to enjoy it like I once did. And the one season I did love, aka Murder House, was so overdone in American Horror Stories that I can’t even compliment it anymore.

What strikes me as interesting for this particular season is what the overlap between these vampires and aliens will be. Has anyone else thought about it? I mean it’s all they have been marketing in all their promos.

While we wait to find out about that, let’s talk about the major moments from this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 including Evan Peters in drag.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 recap: Meet the Chemist

This week’s episode is all about the Chemist (Angelica Ross) and how she eventually transformed pockets of Provincetown into vampires. We got back to five years in the past where the Chemist meets Holden (Denis O’Hare) and starts to settle into Provincetown.

She’s coming off an ugly divorce and losing her job, but she’s determined to find folks in town that she can try her miracle drug on. Eventually, Mickey (Macaulay Culkin) and the Chemist cross paths, and while he doesn’t take the pill, he does offer to find subjects for her at $50 a person.

Mickey first finds a karaoke singer who eventually turns into the pale scary guys we saw at the start of the season. He’s too scary, and I’m not sure what I even mean by that. Everything about these pale vampires freaks me out, including their wardrobe which they got from Lark’s (Billie Lourd) vintage clothing store.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 recap: Belle Noir

Belle Noir (Frances Conroy) ends up being the perfect candidate for the Chemist, who seems to catch Belle at the perfect time. She’s stuck in a marriage of no love (her husband is horrible) and is pretty much over how crappy her husband treats her.

By the time Belle loses her patience with him, she has already taken the pill and devours him until he’s become nothing but a million pieces. It’s a brutal death, but if I’m being honest, that guy totally deserved it.

Two years pass at which point Belle has become a successful author (remember the pill not only makes you a vampire but makes you incredibly smart). She wants to change up her look and heads to Lark’s store where we learn that Lark and the Chemist are friends.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 4 recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race

There is an exciting cameo in this week’s episode in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Race star Eureka, and we get to see Evan Peters’ character, Austin Sommers, dressed up in drag, going by the name Patty O’Furniture.

Austin isn’t exactly adored by the other drag queens so as soon as he takes the pill, his first kill is all of them. I mean, revenge, right? However, we did not see Eureka so stay tuned to find out what happens there…

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‘Twas a blood buffet indeed!

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