American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 5 recap: Gaslight

American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Finn Wittrock as Harry Gardner. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX.
American Horror Story: Double Feature — Pictured: Finn Wittrock as Harry Gardner. CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX. /

American Horror Story: Double Feature starts with Doris (Lily Rabe) giving birth to her baby. What a beautiful moment, right? Well, usually that kind of thing is unless your husband is itching to find some blood to snack on and uses leftover blood to satisfy his cravings.

Nonetheless, Doris and Harry (Finn Wittrock) welcome their baby boy into the world, and it’s a happy ending. Just kidding, that is far from the truth because from that point on, things only get weirder. The star of the episode, actually the series, is their daughter Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), who finds a very interesting way to bond with her new baby brother.

You know, like sucking on his foot to get some blood to chow down on. It’s a super creepy scene and only reminds you that Armstrong is doing a ridiculously great job of playing Alma in the freakiest way possible. And the way she portrays Alma’s lack of feeling and empathy towards her mother is just on another level. She doesn’t care that her mother is freaked out by her and can’t help but wonder why she and her father are even letting Doris stick around.

Yikes, talk about having a favorite parent.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 5 recap: Just take a pill

Doris is convinced by Ursula (Leslie Grossman) that she imagined seeing Alma sucking on her baby’s foot. She chalks it up to her dreaming it, but Doris realizes that she’s being lied to when she sees the teeth marks for herself.

I’m not surprised at all to see Alma take advantage of the moment and spill the beans and tell Doris everything about their “new lives.” She tells her about the pills, which Doris refuses to believe is true and refuses to take when Alma tries to get her to take one.

And take it eventually, she does. Sadly, the pill does not do the wonders it did for everyone else and completely backfires. Instead of gaining genius, Doris starts losing her hair and turning into one of the freaky vampire creatures walking around town. What makes this all worse is that Ursula and Alma gave Doris the pill on purpose because they knew she wasn’t talented enough for the pill to work.

Talk about savage!!

We end their part of the episode with Ursula and Alma meeting the Chemist (Angelica Ross). Ursula hopes that the Chemist will divulge her secrets and help Ursula gain fame, success, and lots of money. They spot Doris in full zombie mode on their way, which saddened my heart to no end. She didn’t deserve this!

American Horror Story: Double Feature Episode 5 recap: Karen and Mickey

Now, let’s shift to Mickey (Macaulay Culkin) and Karen (Sarah Paulson), who has quite an adventure in this week’s episode. After taking the pill, things are on the up and up for Mickey, who is getting an entire cinematic universe based on his Speed Racer stuff.

On the other hand, Karen isn’t doing so great, especially when she’s convinced to steal Doris’ baby. Sadly for her, she ends up catching Doris just as she is transforming, so it’s not exactly the moment you want to be there for. They manage to get away before things get worse. However, when Karen refuses to take the pill, Mickey lets the creepy walkers swarm her.

To avoid getting eaten by the cast of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, Karen pops the pill and escapes death by creepy vampires by her chinny chin chin. She gets the ultimate justice when Karen seeks her poetic revenge on Mickey at the end of the episode by ripping out his throat and then slitting her wrists as she walks right into the ocean.

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Not the happy ending we were going for or were even hoping for, but this is American Horror Story, after all. 

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