Sex Education Season 3, Episode 5 recap: France field trip

Sex Education Season 3. Connor Swindells as Adam Groff in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020
Sex Education Season 3. Connor Swindells as Adam Groff in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

The following article contains SPOILERS for Sex Education Season 3, Episode 5.

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Although this episode from Sex Education Season 3 does not occur at Moordale Secondary, the character and story developments don’t slow down. If anything, the time away from campus has helped speed up the pacing of many major and minor plots.

Oddly enough, Otis, who is often the main character of the entire series, has been on the back burner for several episodes. Because he was not in the forefront for this episode (apart from dealing with Ruby reverting to her peak Untouchable-ness), this episode quite possibly is the most “ensemble” of the entire third season so far, if not the whole series. I loved that every major character had their own little story while on this field trip to France.

Sex Education Season 3, Episode 5: Jean and Hope finally meet

Sex Education Season 3
Sex Education Season 3. Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

As the students were on their field trip, Hope Haddon went to the hospital for a reason initially unknown. She interacts with someone who shares the exact opposite beliefs as her, Jean Milburn. Jean is having a sonogram and separated from Jakob, who struggles with the tea vending machine, and so she converses with Hope.

The two set up a potential, more in-depth conversation that I doubt will happen, but it was fun seeing them interact. The viewers eventually find out that Hope is there for IVF treatment. Most people assumed Hope was a single woman, so discovering her desire to have a baby with her husband is a slight shock.

The mystery expands when Hope becomes agitated by her marriage and his response to the failing injections being brought up by the medical professional. This attempt to generate sympathy for Hope by the writers did work, to a point, but I still think Moordale’s new headmistress is evil, and I am hoping for her downfall.

Let me get my negatives out of the way first. The minor subplot of Ola and Lily’s relationship speed bump did not hit home for me. I do not think the character of Ola would be so aggressive about her position on if aliens are real or not. She is intelligent, so she has to understand that lifeforms of some kind exist outside Earth. However, their involvement in Viv’s sexting dilemma with her long-distance boyfriend was very entertaining.

My favorite story to delve into is that of Jackson and Cal. Their story did not have much to do with Viv for the first time, but I do not think it took anything away. Jackson is trying to convince Cal to speak up at the forum so their grievances will be heard by Hope and the school.

Cal is eventually convinced, and they have a romantic moment with Jackson in the back of the bus. However, Cal pulls away and says they can’t do this. What this means for their relationship going forward is yet to be seen, but I do think there is some potential to tell a progressive yet subtle story.

Sex Education Season 3
Sex Education Season 3. Kedar Williams Stirling as Jackson Marchetti, Dua Saleh as Cal in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Sex Education Season 3, Episode 5: Eric’s old and new lover

The duo of Adam and Rahim should not work. Eric left Rahim to be with Adam, and the first four episodes made it very clear that the two were very different. Rahim is an intellectual who reads and writes poetry and noticed the Orwellian style of rules Hope was bringing in, while Adam is in the lowest set of classes in school. However, these two guys spent a lot of time together in France and found a lot of common ground and fondness for one another.

This budding friendship is cemented when Adam pulls a Spartacus and covers for Rahim. After someone caused a minor car accident by throwing their poo-filled sock out the window, Mr. Hendricks and Ms. Sands tried finding out which student it was. Audiences know it was Rahim who accidentally clogged the bus’s toilet.

Before the teachers find out it was Rahim, Adam (and a shroomed-up Jackson) steps up to take the blame. The whole thing is eye-opening for the viewers and Rahim, who is thankful he was not embarrassed in front of everyone. Rahim eventually discloses to Adam that his initial impression of Eric’s current boyfriend was wrong, and he explains how Adam is a good person.

This development is interesting since Eric is in the middle of the two. When they arrive back in Moordale, Adam texts Eric but doesn’t get a text back. The timing is wrong for Adam since Eric clearly cares about him, but Eric received the text right before seeing his family. I am worried for Eric and Adam moving forward.

Aimee’s whole character and story arc has been pretty stagnant this season. She has been in the background of significant storylines with the occasional development here and there. Jean’s assistance was an impressive step forward, but nothing else has happened. This is no longer true since this episode saw her interact with Maeve in a way audiences have never seen.

Maeve finds out that Aimee and her family were the folks who paid for Maeve to be on the field trip in the first place. This does not sit well with the overly proud Maeve, which leads to an intense fight. Both Aimee and Maeve share their brutally honest thoughts about the other. Maeve insults Aimee for being spoiled and being a lousy partner to Steve since she refuses to be intimate with him and confuses him.

Aimee responds by calling Maeve out for not letting anyone get close to her and self-sabotaging her personal and romantic relationships to try and protect herself. They both are correct in their statements, but the way they went about sharing these observations was far from healthy or kind. These two have been inseparable for so long now. It is going to be disheartening to see them acting standoffish towards the other.

After the bus leaves following the poo-induced car accident, it is discovered that Maeve and Otis were left behind. Otis spirals with his anxiety flaring, but Maeve keeps her cool. Eventually, they are calm as they wait it out and begin talking like the old friends they are.

The voicemail left by Otis is discussed, and he finds out that Isaac deleted it without Maeve even knowing he called. She gets Otis to say everything back, including that he loves her and that it’s always been her.

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His admission leads to the two FINALLY KISSING, although Maeve does admit she is confused but does not stop. Their lip-locking session eventually does come to a close when the bus returns. The two agree to put off talking about their feelings after the long day so Maeve can get her head right. I am so worried about Maeve and Otis’s feelings being hurt because they are so close to being with one another, yet sooooo far away.

Only a few episodes remain in Sex Education Season 3, which means only a few more minutes are left to tell this chapter of the story. Ruby looked upset seeing Otis with Maeve, but she has been distant from him. Maeve knows she loves Otis, but she has a good thing with Isaac. So much is left to tell, and I am very much looking forward to seeing it play out.

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