Sex Education Season 3, Episode 7 recap: The ‘thing’

Sex Education Season 3. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong, Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn in Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020
Sex Education Season 3. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong, Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn in Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

The following article contains SPOILERS for Sex Education Season 3, Episode 7.

In the penultimate episode in Sex Education Season 3, we see our favorite Moordale students preparing for “the thing.” And what a glorious “thing” this was.

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After returning home from Nigeria, Eric is brought up to speed on Hope’s sign punishment, Otis and Maeve, and “the thing.” We never know hear what “thing” actually is, but after the mass text sent out by Viv of Hope’s voice recording last episode, Aimee bringing in vulva cupcakes, along with Jackson, Cal, and Viv being a little too excited about the open day, it is easily deduced that a plan was hatched to make Hope look bad in front the school board, the press, investors, and prospective families at the rebranded Sparkside’s open day.

However, before the school day, Maeve receives a phone call from who she thinks is her mum, which leads her to think she knows where she and Elsie are. Maeve makes up with Aimee in the most adorable way, and the two leave school and drive off to go and find her mom and half-sister. Maeve and Aimee catch up on the way, and Maeve explains that she and Isaac are done since he explained that he could never trust Maeve due to her still having feelings for Otis and them kissing in France.

Although I do dislike Isaac still, it is hard to not agree with his way of thinking. This development leads to Aimee asking the very important question, and that is if this means Maeve and Otis will be together now. Maeve is unsure, but I do not blame her because she focuses so much of her time and energy on making sure Elsie is safe, and her mum is found.

Sex Education Season 3, Episode 7: Sparkside’s Open Day goes wrong

Back at Sparkside’s open day, and after locking Cal in a classroom to help the school’s new image, Hope welcomes all of her esteemed guests before introducing her star pupil and head girl in Viv. Immediately, Viv welcomes Jackson onto the stage and announces he will be retaking his responsibilities as head boy.

The two introduce a video embracing their moniker of “Sex School” and sharing all of their sexual uniqueness and sexual proclivities. It is acted and edited like a 20th-century sex-ed video which makes it all the funnier. Hope tries to end it by going into the production booth, helmed by Otis and Eric, but she is stopped when Ruby steps up for Moordale and acts rather selfless.

Sex Education Season 3. Dua Saleh as Cal in Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020
Sex Education Season 3. Dua Saleh as Cal in Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

The Open Day ends with all of the Moordale students taking off their restricting uniforms and putting on their own signs that are empowering than punishing. This is all done while the choir sings their new school anthem about breast and areolas.

There is a brief pause in the song as Cal, who was locked in a room, remember, falls out of the ceiling vents, only to give Hope the double bird to a standing ovation. The whole thing is the exact sex-crazed chaos that one would expect from Moordale, and it was great to see it return.

Jackson and Cal are walking home after their successful day, and they go to Cal’s home to be intimate. Jackson is trying to figure out how to behave in a relationship with a nonbinary person, and he can’t get out of his head. Cal understands that Jackson is getting acquainted with this new dynamic, but Jackson can’t stop apologizing. After Cal making it clear they would be in a queer relationship, Jackson is overwhelmed and leaves.

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7: Maeve is the bigger person

Maeve and Aimee finally arrive at their destination and walk down the pier to look for Erin and Elsie. Eventually, the teenagers find the irresponsible woman and the adorable little girl with all their luggage. Erin is clearly planning on running away with his daughter, but Maeve steps in with her words rather than calling the authorities.

Maeve is being honest but has care and compassion in her tone rather than judgment and abrasiveness. Eventually, Erin realizes the error of her ways and gives up Elise so Maeve can bring this innocent child back to a safe and healthy living environment.

Elsie is safely returned to Anna and the foster mom invites Maeve to stay the night. Surprisingly, Maeve accepts the help, but not before saying goodbye and thanking Aimee. The two agree that both their mums are not the best, despite the class differences, and agree to be each other’s mums. These two have possibly the best friendship in the entire series, and I’m so happy they are stronger and more connected now.

Sex Education Season 3, Episode 7: Jean Goes Into Labor

During a “Good Morning Moordale” television interview, Jean is interrupted by the host to cut to a broadcast of the ongoing situation and protest at Moordale Secondary. She sees her son taking part in it and that stress looks to send the sex therapist into labor, eight weeks before her due date.

Jakob is nowhere to be found since he is at couples therapy alone and likely has his phone off. Because of the therapist’s questions to Jakob, it is revealed that his late wife was going to leave him before she got sick. This led to the Swedish handyman developing understandable trust issues that have found their way into his wild relationship with Jean.

Jakob finally gets out of therapy and arrives at the hospital just Jean gives birth. The baby turns out to be a female, but that joy of post-birth is short-lived since Jean begins to look faint, and there is blood on her hospital garments. Jakob is removed from the birthing room, and it looks like everyone’s concerns about Jean being a pregnant older woman were accurate, but more on this later.

Sex Education Season 3. Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020
Sex Education Season 3. Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn in Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Sex Education Season 3, Episode 7: Otis and Eric’s Relationships

After Eric shares some iconic advice to Otis, the two go on with their days and experience very different things. Eric informs Adam that he kissed someone in Nigeria, and Adam is understandably upset, but he struggles to process his emotions.

It looks as though he is ignoring them which is concerning since ignoring emotions is never healthy. Also in the Groff household, Michael finally stands up for himself against his bully of a brother, embraces his passion and love of cooking, and goes to Maureen. The two look to have reunited and that makes me happy.

With Eric’s advice in hand, Otis goes to Lily’s house to once again share his wisdom. While doing this he expresses his revelation that he enjoys helping people but shut down after he was hurt during the last term. Then, Otis bikes to Anna’s house to find Maeve.

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Both of them admit the clinic they started was never about the money or helping people, although those were good perks, rather the clinic was about being close to the other. As rain starts falling, the two embrace and kiss again, and it all looks to be a romantic closing moment…

That is until Otis receives a phone call from Jakob that is ignored so he can continue to make out with Maeve. Obviously, this call is about Jean being in the hospital and having a rough delivery of her premature baby, but we will have to watch the eighth and final episode of Season 3 to find out what is going on.

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