Acapulco interview with stars Eugenio Derbez and Enrique Arrizon

Acapulco - Courtesy of Apple TV+
Acapulco - Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

This Friday is the global premiere of the new series Acapulco Apple TV+ a bilingual comedy series starring Eugenio Derbez and inspired by his film How to Be a Latin Lover (2017). This heartwarming comedy-drama is set to become the next big hit for the streaming service and should appeal to fans of Ted Lasso.

Acapulco Apple TV tells the story of a young Maximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon) who dreams of working at Las Colinas, the hottest resort in Acapulco. But once he makes that dream come true, he quickly realizes that working there as a cabana boy will be far more complicated than he ever imagined. The series is narrated by Derbez, who plays the present-day adult version of Maximo, while Arrizon plays the 1984 version.

Eugenio Derbez and Enrique Arrizon tease the first season of Acapulco Apple TV+

Show Snob had the chance to chat with several cast members of the series, including stars Eugenio Derbez and Enrique Arrizon, who share the role of Maximo.

SHOW SNOB: Did you guys want to talk about how you got involved with Acapulco Apple TV?

EUGENIO DERBEZ: In my case, it was an idea we created because when we were developing the movie, How to Be a Latin Lover, we thought it would be cool to do a prequel. We thought about those stories that happened before this guy became a billionaire and the people he met at the resort when he was young. We decided to create the series based on that.

It changed a lot, and now it’s slightly based on the movie, but it’s completely different. The character is way kinder, a nice soul, and a good guy, but still, he’s working at his dream job of being a cabana boy at Las Colinas, and everything is different from what he thought. He has to face a lot of trouble, and the series is basically about the price you’re willing to pay to achieve your dreams.

ENRIQUE ARRIZON: Since the very first day, I loved the script. When I met my fellow actors, it was incredible. I think we bonded just perfectly. I love the character. I love all the layers, all the things that happened to him and the way he sees life.

He tries to succeed to help his family, to help his mother, she has eye problems, and he wants to earn more money to help her faster, but maybe there are some temptations and tough clientele. He wants to give his best, but well, it’s his first job ever! I think we all have different experiences in our first job.

Acapulco apple tv
Enrique Arrizon in Acapulco Apple TV – Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

SHOW SNOB: What was it like for you guys to share playing a character? Did you collaborate at all on certain mannerisms or anything like that?

EUGENIO: In my case, it was easier because the character already kind of existed. It was Enrique who had to work on not exactly imitating my character but to get the essence and find that energy.

ENRIQUE: I screenshot all his gestures from How to Be a Latin Lover, and I studied all the scenes and tried to get this way of being, and people seem to be liking that!

SHOW SNOB: Based on what I saw from the show so far, it’s really funny and heartwarming. I’ve been enjoying it. Enrique, what was it like for you to play in the 1980s?

ENRIQUE: Well, it’s a different decade, so of course, I needed advice and stories from my parents, my grandparents, people I know that lived in that atmosphere, and that place at that moment. But I think the writers were close to us, and they were wide open to hearing our questions. They also wanted us to know everything about the story.

I think we got the correct way that Acapulco was in its golden days, at its prime. Acapulco was well known to be the favorite destination for Mexicans because it was a great place to have great nightlife and the beaches, the people, the food, is [all] excellent, so Acapulco has a lot to tell, and here in this series, we are showing everything.

SHOW SNOB: It’s beautiful to look at, everything about the sets, the vibrant colors.

ENRIQUE: Exactly, the production was high quality! They gave everything, the designers did a great job, absolutely.

Acapulco Apple TV
Camila Perez and Enrique Arrizon in Acapulco Apple TV – Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

SHOW SNOB: In what ways do you guys feel like you relate most to Maximo, and in what ways do you feel the most different from him?

EUGENIO: I completely related to him about the trip he had to take because I was born and raised in Mexico City and did my entire career there. I moved to the U.S. recently and finally achieved my dream of coming to Hollywood.

That’s what happened with Maximo. He always wanted to become another person. He was born in Mexico, Acapulco, really poor and trying to succeed to help his family, but he has to decide if he’s willing to pay the price for achieving his dreams or not. That’s what the story is about, and I related in many ways to Maximo.

ENRIQUE: For me, it’s the same. It has been a tough wait to get to this kind of character and project. It’s a huge opportunity. After years and years of trying so hard, I get the role of my life. I’m so glad, so grateful to share this place with Eugenio, with this incredible script full of love, full of friendship, romance, self-reflection, good values, because we are very, I think we have had enough of violence, the criminals, enough of the dark stories here we have a story full of funny things fun experiences.

EUGENIO: It’s a feeling-good series.

ENRIQUE: A family comedy.

EUGENIO: It’s a family comedy. We were talking before, and we are tired of watching all the series about killings, about murders. This is a feel-good series. You can watch it with your family, and it’s important. I think that’s why Ted Lasso is having so much success.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Acapulco Apple TV+ makes its global debut this Friday, Oct. 8.